China to Montenegro forwarder | China Montenegro shipping

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China to Montenegro forwarder | China Montenegro shipping Since its establishment, it has established a good and long-term cooperative relationship with many domestic and foreign airlines with stable cargo volume and good reputation. At present, the company's advantageous routes are Germany, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe and America routes. European and American routes include Lufthansa, Air China, All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, Singapore Airlines, etc.; American routes include United Airlines, Air Canada, Continental Airlines, Philippine Airlines, etc. Southeast Asia routes include: Shenzhen Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Youhe Road Cargo Airlines, Thai Airways, Middle East routes: Emirates, Philippine Airlines, Oman Air, etc.; so far, more than 30 domestic and foreign airlines have signed orders directly with our company Home. The company is a member of the World Freight Alliance. It has its own mature agency network in more than 200 countries around the world, covering the entire, global logistics service network. It has a stable and cooperative transportation agency network in major cities in various countries, and can provide customers with overseas doors. Doors, FBA first trips, charter flights, international air transport, sea transport, multimodal transport, express delivery, distribution, import customs clearance, commodity inspection and other comprehensive logistics services.