China Guam Freight Forwarding | China to Guam Ocean Shipping

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China Guam Freight Forwarding | China to Guam Ocean Shipping It is the professional cargo transportation of Xinhan Logistics Company. Xinhan Logistics provides a full range of logistics services for factories, traders, foreign trade companies, wholesalers and other shippers such as FCL by sea, bulk cargo by sea, air transportation, and sea freight. Delivery to the designated location. Xinhan Logistics is a contracted company for cargo insurance of the People's Insurance Company of China. You can trust Xinhan Logistics with confidence! Price concessions, timely delivery, welcome to inquire, Xinhan Logistics will go all out for you! All documents, commodity inspection, taxes, customs declaration, one-stop service! Ocean freight will increase or decrease. The specific price depends on the quantity and nature of the goods and the shipping schedule. Convenient service: You only need to provide the list of goods and the information of the sender and receiver. The Pearl River Delta can pick up the goods safely and quickly. One-stop service, super customs declaration ability, to ensure the customs clearance rate of your goods. Xinhan Logistics Attentive Service • Ocean export operation process 1. Power of attorney After accepting the quotation, the client shall submit the power of attorney to our company in the form of power of attorney. The power of attorney should include the following content: shipper and consignee information, origin and destination port name, box type, product name, gross weight, volume, shipping date, etc. 2. Booking After receiving the power of attorney, our company will make a booking with the shipping company. When booking, we will choose the best route according to the client's requirements. After the booking is successful, our company shall inform the client in time. 3. Make a box The fleet obtains the equipment handover form, and picks up the container at the yard to load the goods at the client’s factory or the client directly sends the goods to our designated yard or warehouse for packing. 4. Customs declaration The client provides the customs declaration materials to our company, and our company forwards the declaration materials to the customs broker for review. After the verification is correct, the customs broker will declare the export to the customs, and the customs will release after passing the inspection. 5. Confirmation of bill of lading Prepare the bill of lading according to the power of attorney and confirm the bill of lading with the client to ensure that the accuracy of the bill of lading is consistent with the client's requirements. 6. Pay Our company will send the fee confirmation to the entrusting party, and the entrusting party will pay the relevant expenses to our company after confirming that it is correct. 7. Sign the bill According to the request of the client, the bill of lading is issued.