Guangzhou to Senegal Freight Forwarding

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LCL (LCL): We cooperate with many large logistics companies to provide LCL services from Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou to major ports and inland points in the world. According to the needs of customers and the difficulty of customs clearance, combined with the specific operational differences of the customs of Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, our freight flexibly arranges the transportation and customs declaration of LCL cargo to ensure that customers can safely deliver to the destination at the lowest cost. Ground. International logistics Seaborne imports: Our international freight forwarders can provide domestic importers with import seaborne services through its relatively complete foreign agency network. According to customer requirements, arrange container transportation at the port of departure, and provide services such as FCL delivery, unpacking and distribution, customs declaration and inspection, land and air transshipment at the domestic destination port. Bulk cargo transportation: Our international cargo company cooperates with many domestic and foreign shipowners, agency charters, and provides bulk cargo ocean transportation services from China to the rest of the world.