China to Romania freight forwarding-China to Romania shipping

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China to Romania freight forwarding-China to Romania shipping Xinhan Logistics provides factories, traders, foreign trade companies, wholesalers and other shippers with a full range of logistics services such as FCL, bulk cargo, air freight, and sea freight. All of them can pick up the goods and deliver them to the designated location. We are a contracted company for cargo insurance of the People's Insurance Company of China. You can trust Xinhan Logistics with confidence! Price concessions, timely delivery, welcome to inquire, our company will go all out for you! All documents, commodity inspection, taxes, customs declaration, one-stop service! Ocean freight will increase or decrease. The specific price depends on the quantity and nature of the goods and the shipping schedule. Convenient service: You only need to provide the goods list and the information of the sender and receiver. The Pearl River Delta can pick up the goods safely and quickly. One-stop service, super customs declaration ability, to ensure the customs clearance rate of your goods. Attentive service