Allegro foreign trade platform own warehousing logistics has been put into testing

Allegro officially released the “Summary of Key Achievements of the Platform in 2021”, we can see that the 2021 platform has the following key achievements in logistics: 1. Allegro Smart Free Shipping Plan Allegro Smart is a loyalty program specially created by Allegro, which can provide customers who participate in the program with free delivery services, including free delivery to self-pickup points, and free home delivery by express. Sellers who offer Smart shipping have the opportunity to gain more loyal customers, grow their business faster, get better reviews, and enjoy the benefits of shared shipping with Allegro (sellers shipping from Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France and the Netherlands) can participate in the program). 2. Acquired the local same-day delivery courier company in Poland – X-press Couriers X-press couriers express company’s same-day delivery business covers nine cities in Poland. The acquisition of this company will help improve Allegro’s One Fulfillment service system and its own express cabinet system, further shorten the delivery time, and provide platform customers and sellers with better Excellent service. 3. Launched the self-developed environmental protection express cabinet system Allegro One Box The Allegro eco-friendly express cabinet is powered by renewable energy and also has green plants on its sides, which can create more green space for the city. Currently, nearly 80% of all packages delivered by Allegro can be delivered to customers within 1-2 days, or to the larger network of pickup points in Poland. Allegro will continue to deploy more of its own express lockers and Allegro One Punkt pickup points. 4. The platform’s own Allegro One Fulfillment warehousing and logistics system has been put into testing At present, Allegro has built a new logistics center in Warsaw, and the platform’s own One Fulfillment warehousing logistics fulfillment service has also been put into testing, and will strive to be open to sellers in the near future. Poland is located in the middle of Europe, with a population of nearly 40 million, making it the sixth most populous country in Europe; Allegro is not only the largest e-commerce platform in Poland, its product page ranking is also higher than Amazon and AliExpress, ranking first locally; And because of currency reasons, some neighboring countries in Poland also prefer to use this platform, because there are many discounts in terms of prices. The platform has been creating a more convenient and friendly operating environment for international sellers in recent years. If you are considering the Central and Eastern European market, you might as well start with Allegro!

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