FCL shipping

FCL shipping

When transporting goods, sea transportation is a very common form. Depending on the goods, there are many ways to ship goods in sea transportation, and the whole container is one of them. What are the specific operating procedures?

1. First confirm the freight price and the corresponding shipping schedule: When confirming the price, you must be detailed, to avoid disputes after placing the order, and the closing time of the shipping schedule must be clear, in case the goods are wrong, the latter has other problems and the replenishment time is missed. If you are not sure, you should ask the ship owner. , Or ask if it is the whole cabinet or bulk cargo, whether there is a brand, size, purpose, etc.

2. Booking: When the customer decides to ship to Africa by sea, he must start booking, let the business assist the customer to fill out an order warehouse receipt, and then book the space with the host according to the customer information. The booking information: departure port, destination port, cargo name , Weight, volume, what shipping company to order, which pier to ship from, what month to cut off the ship, what container type, shipping method, freight and surcharges, etc., the more detailed the information, the better. The orders issued are SO orders, and the loading is usually two days before the closing.

3. Trailer: To withdraw the counter, you need to withdraw the counter after the opening time. The opening time is: 7 days before the closing time. Only the SO order can be loaded, and the SO number must be provided to the customer or the trailer company when the SO number arrives. The customer is required to provide the time, location, and contact person for loading, fill out the dispatch form based on the information provided by the customer, and provide it to the trailer company. The trailer company will issue the counter number, seal number, driver’s mobile phone number, and license plate number on the day of loading. It is collectively referred to as the driver’s information. After receiving it, it will be sent to the customer to facilitate the connection with the driver. The driver should be reminded to weigh the weight.

4. Customs declaration Before packing, remind the customer to give a detailed packing list and confirm to the customs broker. After the cabinet is installed, the customer must provide an accurate and detailed packing list, remind the customer of the information that needs to be prepared, and avoid telling the customer when the customs is declared. The customer cannot provide it. If the customer does not know how to handle the packing list, you can give it Provide a form for customers to fill in according to the form, so that we can provide suggestions and opinions. If the user’s goods are very mixed, remind the customer to choose the important and many, whether the user has a customs code, and ask the user to ask the foreign country, which is easier to clear customs in a foreign country. What steps need to be taken to export the entire container by sea? What steps need to be taken to export the entire container by sea?

5. Supplement: The replenishment time can be carried out at the same time as the customs declaration. After the cabinet is installed, the customer is required to fill in the replenishment form, prompting the customer to write in English, and reminding the customer to fill in the correct word. If you make a mistake, you will need to pay for the change. Some freight forwarders can fill it out and provide it to the customer for verification. Supplementary information form: The bill of lading must also be paid with the customs code form. The customs code can be checked by yourself. The remarks are not displayed on the bill of lading. If it is paid on arrival, the user needs to use it. If you pay the shipping fee in the letter of credit, the name of the bill of lading must be the same as the name on the letter of credit. The user may ask whether to fill in some bank information and other information on the bill of lading. You can consult the shipowner or visit your home. Can it be displayed on the bill of lading, or typed in the product name column, the supplementary materials must have a postal code, and the customer can confirm that there is no problem. One of the important points is that the confirmation of the bill of lading must be checked. All information must be checked, letter by letter must be checked clearly to avoid loss, and it must be sent to each customer for verification. After both parties are checked, they can be submitted. Confirmation, remind the user to follow this out the original.

6. Make bills: Wait for the bills to come out, finish the customer bills, and ask the customers to pay private bills or pay public bills. Be careful when making the bills. We must wait for the customer to pay the bill before we arrange the payment to the home. After receiving the original, we will mail it to the customer. After that, we can prepare the income statement and make the statement.

7. Barge: If the cargo is shipped from Guangzhou, the issue of barge will be involved. The barge must be an international transit ship, because for international transit, only one customs declaration is enough. Customs brokers also require international transit, so you must ask clearly where you are. Shipping schedule for international transfers. If the container is loaded, it must be loaded 4 days before the boat sails. The default is the bill of lading for the small boat. We have to confirm whether the customer wants the bill of lading for the small boat or the big ship. The difference between the bill of lading for the small boat and the big ship is: departure time, departure Port, name of the voyage (this is only the short-distance port of departure, and the location of the barge). Documents handled: When making a CO, a copy of the bill of lading is not required, and the customer just wants to see the date of sailing.

8. The ship is officially set off for transportation by the shipping company.