Sea and air freight rates have dropped to freezing point. Affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war, it is expected to rise sharply in March

In this regard, many freight forwarders said in the comments that the general price of air transportation is still 20+ yuan/KG, and there are still a few as low as 18 yuan/KG. It is necessary to beware of air-operated Yantian ships. However, compared with the previous high price of 70-90 yuan/KG, the price of air distribution at this time can be described as a big dive. The supply of space exceeds the demand, and the freight forwarders collectively reduce the price Why have air and sea freight prices continued to drop recently? There has been similar news since years ago, until the current price has dropped to freezing point. Many sellers have questioned, is there something tricky in this? Judging from the replies given by the freight forwarders, most of them said that it was because of the recent price drop caused by the supply exceeding the demand, and most of the freight forwarders were worried that there was no delivery of goods. “The low price of air freight in February was mainly affected by shipments. The shipments were small, the board was out of stock, and the freight forwarding company had to guarantee the space at a loss.” “Actually, the fundamental reason is that the factory has not fully resumed work after the year, the market is out of stock as a whole, and the board positions are fixed. In order to reduce losses, the price will naturally be reduced to receive goods. When the supply chain returns to normal in March, it will slowly recover. Half a year is also an off-season, and the volume is less, and it is normal for the price to drop, so look at it rationally.” Therefore, under the influence of the entire market environment, all freight forwarders are collectively reducing freight prices. Logically, there should be nothing tricky about this. However, when sellers are looking for freight forwarders, they still have to choose carefully. They should measure from the company’s strength, freight forwarding services, and professionalism, not just price. The seller’s delivery needs to be coordinated to avoid late clearance After learning about the specific reasons for the drop in shipping costs, many sellers are crying that they have sent out a lot of goods before, which is a big loss. “A year ago, the air freight was 72-90RMB/KG, which was really old. Now the goods are piled up in mountains, which is difficult to handle.” “I really shipped it by air at a sky-high price a year ago, and I still can’t sell it. Now the price of air freight after the new year is only more than 20, and the blood loss!” However, there is another problem that needs to be paid attention to. As the seller who posted the above post for help said: the company sees the current shipping price is low, and starts to rush to get new products. , I saw it today, and you can directly place an order to get bulk goods. Is there such a situation in your company? This will cause a problem. After about a month, will everyone start to clear the new products?” If the seller blindly launches new products and a large number of products due to the reduction in shipping costs, they may have to be careful that the goods may accumulate in the later stage, and then they will have to work hard to clear the goods. However, from another perspective, the seller can send a small amount of goods to test the new model. There is indeed traffic and order volume, and then decide whether to ship in large quantities. Such an operation will be safer. After all, the logistics cost is relatively low now, and there is a lot of room for trial and error. Affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war, freight rates will rise sharply in March Under the circumstance that logistics congestion and other problems have not been solved in the past two years, the low-cost freight is only temporary. As the factories slowly resume production, the seller’s goods are ready, and the demand for shipments increases, the price may gradually rise. In addition, the recent outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war has also indirectly affected domestic flights by sea and air. first Ukraine has been Asia’s gateway to Europe for many years. After the outbreak of the war, traffic control, vehicle verification, and logistics suspension in the war zone will cut off this major transportation artery in Eastern Europe. According to foreign media reports, more than 700 bulk carriers around the world go to ports in Russia and Ukraine to deliver goods every month. The outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war will disrupt the trade in the Black Sea region, and shipping companies will also bear high risks and high freight costs. Second According to the Associated Press, Canada and the European Union will close their airspace to Russia, and some European airlines (Lufthansa, Air France, KLM) have said they will suspend flights to and from Russian airspace “until further notice.” This will also affect domestic flights. At present, Finnair’s official website has issued a notice that it will cancel flights to and from Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka and Russia on February 27 and March 6. Air France announced on its website that it will suspend flights to and from China, Japan, South Korea and Russia. Lufthansa has announced that it will cancel all flights via Russian airspace for the next week. For flights between China and Germany, according to statistics, all flights to China carried by the Lufthansa Group were interrupted, so “no flights are affected at the moment.” However, Lufthansa flights from China to Germany are expected to be affected.

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