Amazon shipping and replenishment process upgrade, “Send to Amazon” brand new launch!

With Send to Amazon, you can create reusable original packaging templates that hold in-carton information, carton weight and size, and pre-processing and labeling details for shipments from a single SKU container. The template configuration of packing boxes can save the time for skUs with the same specifications to be delivered and replenished.

When the process is complete, the shipment number is officially created and automatically assigned to the FBA warehouse at the shipping destination. If the seller encased the product in wrong quantity, it can be corrected before completion of creation. If the quantity is small, most sellers will send it directly to the FBA warehouse and correct the quantity when it hits the shelves.

You can add single SKU and mixed SKU containers to the same workflow, pack single SKU and mixed SKU containers, create shipments, update the quantity as you pack, and then confirm the shipment destination.

In terms of predictable shipping inventory costs, sellers are better off choosing individual containers (small packages) or pallet trucks (LCL).

Currently, if a seller chooses to restock on the inventory page, or another option to create a shipment, it automatically redirects to Send to Amazon, although the seller can still manually cut freely to the shipping and replenishment process. If a shipment was created during shipment and replenishment before September 1, 2022, you can still view shipment details in Shipment Progress, including tracking and Shipment difference query information. After September 1, it will be officially closed.

In addition, the shipment and replenishment process creates a timely shipment plan that can be viewed and modified prior to this date. After Nov. 30, Amazon is expected to shut down all shipping plans created using the old process.

So, the seller should check whether the current shipping schedule is beyond Nov. 30. Sellers are used to making plans in advance, or they have created a lot of goods that were not shipped in advance due to delivery restrictions. It is suggested to re-create delivery plans with the new “Send to Amazon” process to reduce unnecessary losses.

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