Guangzhou FedEx International Express company -FedEx delivery process

FedEx is one of the world’s largest express delivery companies, providing fast and reliable delivery services to more than 220 countries and regions around the world. Fedex has a worldwide air and land transport network, which usually takes only one to two business days to quickly deliver time-sensitive shipments and ensure timely delivery.

The Chinese market is a very important international market for FedEx. FedEx has set up Asian branch in Hong Kong, Asian transshipment center in Guangzhou and China Transshipment Center in Hangzhou to provide comprehensive cross-border e-commerce logistics services for Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers.

Guangzhou FedEx international express company, FedEx is always around you, convenient delivery points will save you valuable time and money. Please select the FedEx drop-off station you want and call the customer service hotline or site phone to make an appointment before going to the drop-off site.

Logistics is FedEx’s first class dealer agent, providing FedEx’s official price of 1-40% discount delivery, the lowest price in the market, is your preferred international express service provider. Headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangzhou has a direct branch to provide quality FedEx delivery services to customers in Guangzhou.

Taijia Logistics provides mainland FedEx FedEx and Hong Kong FedEx FedEx delivery channels. Among them, FedEx, the fastest aging, the same day to receive goods, the same day out of the warehouse, the same day online; Hong Kong FedEx can deliver battery products, electronic products, epidemic prevention products and other goods.

FedEx delivery process in Guangzhou

Send FedEx express in Guangzhou, through the logistics official website, you can complete the logistics account registration, freight inquiry, online order, apply for free door-to-door pickup and other services.

Guangzhou FedEx branch: Shop 111, Vanke Golden Li Yuan, No. 508, Longjin Middle Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

Three easy steps: Send FedEx international

  1. Set up an account

Register tejia logistics delivery account, place online orders, fill in mailing information, including goods information, receiving information, mailing information, customs information, etc.

  1. Pay the freight

After placing an order online, you can let the logistics receiver come to collect pieces, or send the goods to the Warehouse in Shenzhen through domestic express. Online forecast, payment of freight after review.

  1. Send it successfully
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