Air transportation of protective clothing exports from China to the UK

Business difficulties1. Export manufacturers need to register and provide relevant documents such as certificates of conformity and testing reports. The above documents are not available to customers and require the assistance of a logistics consultant to handle them.2. The goods may be damaged upon receipt at the destination port.3. FDA certificate is required for customs clearance of goods at the destination.If inspection is encountered, additional fees will be incurred at the destination port.Solution1. Regarding areas that the customer does not understand during the transportation of goods, the logistics consultant should greet the customer and confirm the time before picking up the goods; Query the export whitelist; Confirm the preparation of relevant materials; Assist clients in making early preparations.2. Provide a certificate of conformity that meets the latest policy requirements for the goods; Check whether the internal and external packaging of the goods is intact to avoid damage to the packaging; Confirm customs declaration documents before shipment to ensure consistency.3. Advance a portion of the deposit to prevent any changes on the customer’s end.

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