China to Mexico Bluetooth headset export by sea

The customer is an enterprise with the right to import and export. Initially, the customer wants to consult the cost of shipping by sea. However, since the Bluetooth headset is an electronic product with built-in battery and belongs to sensitive goods, the customer has never operated this business before, and needs to entrust to act as the sole agent of cargo shipping transportation services.Through contact with customers, quickly grasp the needs of customers and develop preliminary plans. It takes 5 days to make the identification and certificate, and then it is shipped from Guangzhou to Mexico.Business difficulty1. The customer’s foreign distributors are not convenient to communicate with the factory (in terms of language and time), so the logistics consultant of Sohang network will help to make a plan after understanding the detailed situation, and solve the problems of foreign customers with our professionalism and timeliness of service.2. There is no identification and MSDS for the battery export. After communication with the factory, the logistics consultant of the search network obtained the key data of the information, helped to fill in the complete information, and assigned personnel to handle it, and the certificate can be issued within 5 days.3. For the customer’s concern that the Bluetooth headset can not pass the security check. Logistics consultants develop detailed transportation plans, communicate with customers, and ultimately ensure the smooth passage of goods.solution1. In view of the customer’s difficulty in communicating with the domestic factory in terms of language and time, we hired a professional translator to communicate with the customer first, and then our domestic professional logistics personnel to communicate with the factory, which saved a lot of time and cost and competed for time for the customer’s delivery.2. The export of batteries requires MSDS and non-hazardous certificates, but the domestic factory has not done export, and there are no such procedures. Our staff worked overtime and the factory needed to make the certificate data, sorted and filled it out by themselves, handled it in person, and helped the customer to make MSDS and non-hazardous certificates in the shortest time.

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