What is the meaning of the extraction prescription of international logistics?

In international logistics, we often see terms such as “extraction time” and “delivery time”. If you are new to foreign trade or cross-border logistics, the concept of extraction may be relatively vague.Today, let me take you to understand their differences!Extraction efficiency”Extraction” refers to the meaning of goods arriving at the port and being picked up by express delivery or truck convoys.We all know that after cross-border goods have completed customs clearance abroad, a final delivery is required. There are generally two types of final delivery: truck delivery and express delivery. Therefore, the delivery time refers to the time when the goods are picked up by the ship to the truck or express delivery.”Internet access””Online” means that after international express delivery picks up the goods, there will be a scanning action. After scanning, your goods will be entered into the express delivery system, and the trajectory of each step can be queried. This method is commonly referred to as “online” in the industry.Delivery time limitThis step is the completion step of international logistics. The goods are about to be successfully delivered to Amazon warehouses/customers, which is the true completion of the transportation chain. Therefore, the delivery time here is called “delivery time” and also the “overall delivery time” of international logistics.So, when sellers inquire about prices, they must ask the freight forwarder what kind of delivery time is given, and whether it is the pick-up time or the delivery time. The difference between the two is quite significant!The above is all the content shared by Baiyun Network in this issue. If you have any international logistics service needs, please consult Baiyun Network’s professional international logistics consultant.

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