What documents do international logistics need to submit for customs declaration?

When importers and exporters declare to customs, they need to submit the following documents:1. Import and export customs declaration form. Two copies should be filled out for general imported goods; Goods that need to be verified by customs, such as processing trade goods and bonded goods, should fill out a special customs declaration form in triplicate; If a domestic tax refund is required after the export of goods, a separate tax refund special customs declaration form should be filled out.2. Goods invoice. If the required number of copies is one less than the customs declaration, and the export of goods is entrusted to foreign sales, the settlement method is to settle the foreign exchange with the exporting unit based on the actual sales amount after the goods are sold, and exemption from payment can be granted during export customs declaration.3. Land waybill, air waybill, bill of lading for sea import, and bill of lading for sea export. After reviewing and inspecting the documents, the customs will sign and stamp the original waybill to release and return the customs declaration form. With this, the goods can be picked up or shipped.◆4. Goods packing list. The number of copies is the same as the invoice. However, bulk goods or single variety packaged goods with consistent packaging content can be exempted from delivery.5. Export foreign exchange receipt verification form. When declaring all export goods, the export receipt verification form stamped with the “Supervision of Foreign Exchange Collection” seal by the foreign exchange management department should be submitted for inspection, and the verification number should be filled in the upper right corner of each export declaration form.When deemed necessary by the customs, trade contracts, certificates of origin of goods, etc. should also be submitted for inspection.7. Other relevant documents. Including:1. Goods approved by the customs for tax reduction or exemption shall be accompanied by a tax reduction or exemption certificate signed by the customs. Foreign funded enterprises in the Beijing area shall also submit a list of imported equipment issued by the customs for verification;2. Goods imported or exported under processing trade contracts that have been filed with the customs shall be submitted for inspection in the “registration manual” issued by the customs.The above is all the content shared by Baiyun Network in this issue. If you have any international logistics service needs, please consult Baiyun Network’s professional international logistics consultant.

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