Shipping from Shenzhen, China to Saudi Arabia usually takes several days

BaiyunHome > Baiyun Encyclopedia > Mailing experienceIt usually takes a few days to ship from Shenzhen, China to Saudi Arabia (what is the time limit for international shipping to Saudi Arabia)2023-12-08T10:40:38.57 Author: International Express – Baiyun networkRiyadh is the capital and largest city of the West Asian country of Saudi Arabia, located in the central plains of the Hanifa Valley of the Arabian Peninsula. It is the national commercial, cultural, educational and transportation center of Saudi Arabia. It is a transit point between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, and a distribution center for agricultural and animal husbandry products.Shenzhen to Riyadh sea by the United States President ship sea voyage about 22 days, via Dammam transit;Shenzhen to Riyadh sea by COSCO sea voyage about 18-22 days, via Dammam transit;Shenzhen to Riyadh sea by Hapag-Lloyd sea voyage 18-20 days, Dammam transit;Shenzhen to Riyadh sea by Orient overseas sea voyage 21-23 days or so, via Dammam transit.Because Riyadh is the inland port of Saudi Arabia, goods shipped there must be transited through Dammam to reach.Shenzhen sea to Saudi ArabiaPrecautions for exporting to Saudi Arabia1. For goods whose port of destination is Dammam or transshipment through Dammam, correct and complete consignee information shall be displayed on the bill of lading and manifest, and the authenticity and validity of the consignee company shall be guaranteed, including:(1) Consignee name(2) Consignee address(3) P.O. Box(4) Telephone number(5) FaxIf the information is missing, the goods may have been shipped back to the port of loading.2. Goods transiting through Dammam to the port of destination Riyadh must be reinforced with pallets, and those not reinforced with pallets will be fined SAR 1000.00 (USD267.00) /20′, SAR 1500.00 (USD 400.00) / 40′.3. The origin of the goods must be indicated on the shipping mark, and the customs of Jeddah, Dammam and Riyadh will force the goods without the origin to be returned to the port of origin. 4. The packing data of the goods shall be truly declared.5. For goods prepaid for sea freight, if any other charges are charged locally in Saudi Arabia, such charges must be listed on the bill of lading. Freight collected by sea is not included in this regulation6. The total weight of a 20-foot container destined for RIYADH must not exceed 24 tons. If it is found to be overweight, the local railway department will force the cargo to be converted to 40 ‘container and charge USD500.0.7. Notice of the Saudi Customs Mark of Origin: “Effective January 27, 2009, any imported goods that fail to provide a non-removable mark of origin will be detained by the Saudi Customs at the port of entry and the importer will be required to take corrective action or promise not to repeat it.” Otherwise, fines will be levied or the goods will be returned to the country of origin.”Precautions for the inspection of goods certified by Saudi Arabia SASO1. Labels and instructions should be in Arabic or English, and instructions for household appliances and power tools must be in Arabic2. The input voltage of the product must include 127V or 220V.380V, and the frequency is 60HZ3. The outer packaging and products must be silkscreen printed “made in china”, if “made in PRC” is not allowed.4. Inspection includes: inspection of the surface quality of the goods, point quantity (the quantity shown on the clearance certificate should be consistent with the quantity of the inspection) packaging, marking, shipping mark.5. The inspection needs to be notified 3-5 days in advance. Once the time is determined, the cancellation must be notified one day in advance, otherwise it is necessary to pay the inspection fee and arrange the inspection time6. Certificate modification fee: 550RMB,(the original certificate needs to be returned) If the same batch of inspected products need to be divided into many batches, each certificate is 700RMB(except for special agreements).7. Medical, textile, food, military, some industrial products do not need to do COC, medical, textile if there are customers need to do can also do.8. The problem of the plug, the official requirement of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, must be a British plug.9. Energy efficiency, electrical appliances (for household air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine products to do an energy efficiency test)10. Battery export to Saudi Arabia requires ROHS report.11. Cosmetics, shampoo, lard test, fat test, need to be sent to Saudi designated places for testing.12. The label must be silk-screen printed on the product, pasted is not acceptable.13. EN71 report is required for toy products.

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