What is international logistics

In fact, international logistics is the logistics sent to foreign countries! Generally speaking, individuals or companies engaged in foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce who need to transport goods abroad are familiar with international logistics. The transportation of international goods between countries and between countries and regions is generally quite far. In the transportation process, multiple transportation methods are often required, and through multiple loading, unloading, and replacement of different transportation methods, they are transported to different countries and regions.International logistics agentIn the process of organizing international cargo transportation, it is often necessary to have extensive contact with foreign countries, which not only involves economic issues but also international political issues. People engaged in international freight transportation is not only an economic concept, but also a national policy concept. International logistics, as an important part of long-distance transportation, involves a wide range of complex and variable aspects, and takes a long time, therefore has relatively high risks. In order to transmit the risk of loss during transportation, various import and export goods and transportation vehicles need to apply for transportation insurance.Each international freight forwarder has its own advantages, mainly by looking at where to send and then choosing the best transportation method. The logistics environment, especially the logistics soft environment, varies greatly in different countries, and the logistics transportation methods also vary greatly.There are many ways to ship overseas, including sea, land, and air, as well as Meisen Express, Star Express, and regular express ships at sea; The Meisen Express is the fastest sea freight transportation, thanks to its independent port and the fact that other express ships can dock and unload goods for about a week during peak season. However, Meisen can pick up containers within one to two days after docking, which is a very obvious advantage during peak season.For sellers, to flexibly apply logistics models, they first need to understand the size, safety, and customs clearance convenience of their products, and choose the appropriate logistics model. Choosing a reliable freight forwarder is also important. Before collaborating, you should have a clear understanding of the company. It is best to conduct on-site inspections or place small orders first and provide timely service as much as possible. Reducing transportation costs while ensuring safety and timeliness is the right choice for sellers!

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