Dafei imposes temporary restrictions on the transfer of refrigerated containers in Hong Kong

According to The Loadstar, due to the expiration of local permits under the Hong Kong Transit Cargo Exemption Scheme, DaFei has announced temporary restrictions on the transfer of certain refrigerated or time sensitive goods in Hong Kong, and its bookings for early next year have been temporarily suspended.This plan typically covers six specific temperature controlled commodities, including drugs and pharmaceuticals, frozen meat, and poultry. It is reported that under the Hong Kong Transit Goods Exemption Scheme, shipping companies, transportation companies, airlines and their designated freight forwarders registered with the Hong Kong Industrial and Trade Department can be exempted from various import and export license requirements for handling transit goods in Hong Kong, provided that certain conditions are met. Dafei stated that due to the need to obtain a new license after December 31st to take effect, bookings for these six types of goods will not be accepted in the first two weeks of January. DaFei India agency stated, “Before we receive confirmation from the Hong Kong team that the goods can be received, the booked cargo will be transferred to a backup transfer vessel.” DaFei has announced that three voyages will be affected:

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