Sea freight and shipping schedule from Shanghai to Brest Brest

The Shanghai Brest sea freight is exclusively released by Haixin Logistics on June 15, 2020. Brest is one of the ports in France, with the port code FRBST. The sea freight from Shanghai to Brest is $1460 for small containers, $2455 for large containers, and $2455 for high containers. The transshipment port is Antwerp, with a weekly shipping schedule and a voyage of 44 days, The additional fees and RMB fees are: Dock fee: Small cabinet 840 Large cabinet 1205 High cabinet 1205 (CNY) Document fee: 600 (CNY) Booking fee: Small cabinet 310 Large cabinet 390 High cabinet 480 (CNY) Sealing fee: Small cabinet 100 Large cabinet 100 High cabinet 100 (CNY) Filing fee: Small cabinet 100 Large cabinet 100 High cabinet 100 (CNY) Customs declaration fee: Small cabinet 0 Large cabinet 0 High cabinet 0 Each ticket 25 (USD) War risk fee: Small cabinet 24 Large cabinet 48 High cabinet 48 Each ticket 0 (USD) Emergency fuel surcharge: 50 small containers, 100 large containers, 100 high containers, 100 per shipment. 0 (USD) Shanghai to Brest Brest ocean freight valid until December 14, 2019. If the freight is approaching or expires, please contact the online customer to confirm the latest price

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