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Amazon, as the world’s largest e-commerce platform, attracts many sellers to enter. But Amazon operations are a technical task that is full of challenges for beginners. Let’s take a look at several operational strategies that Amazon sellers need to pay attention to:Firstly, do a good job in the basic work of product and copywriting. This is the foundation of operation, otherwise it will only have its surface. To choose competitive products and ensure the quality of the products themselves; To set a reasonable price and refer to the pricing of competitors; Product images need to be shot and optimized, with the main image being particularly important; The title should highlight the selling point and keywords; The details page content must be optimized to meet Amazon’s requirements. These all require investment of time and energy.AmazonSecondly, precise keyword positioning. Through software or manual methods, it is necessary to survey long tail keywords with high relevance, moderate search volume, and less intense competition for search placement. At the same time, it is necessary to cooperate with extensive matching to obtain more exposure.Thirdly, use combination promotion strategies. Relying solely on search advertising is not enough. It is possible to incorporate off-site promotion, discount promotions, and other methods in moderation to generate a combination effect. But it should be done gradually, and new products should not open too much traffic at once.Fourthly, track and optimize operational data. We should closely monitor core indicators such as order volume, conversion rate, and ranking, adjust strategies based on data, and not blindly operate.Fifthly, one must have enough patience. Amazon operations are a long-term process that requires continuous optimization and iteration, and early losses are inevitable. It is important to be mentally prepared.Sixth, explore new ideas. You can exchange and learn advanced experiences on the forum, or hire professionals to guide you. Fighting alone can easily lead to detours.Seventh, pay attention to the input-output ratio. Reasonably formulating daily budgets requires subtraction and cannot invest huge amounts of money immediately. To calculate the profit for each order.Eighth, old products should consider maximizing profits. After the product stabilizes, advertising investment can be appropriately reduced to increase the proportion of natural rankings. But new products still need to focus on gaining exposure and issuing orders.

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