2023 Air waybill template

Air waybillDetailed explanation of waybill1. Air waybill numberThe bill of lading number is 11 digits, with the first 3 digits representing the airline code and the last 8 digits representing the query code of the goods. By dividing the first 7 digits of the last 8 digits by 7, it can be preliminarily determined that this bill of lading number exists, and the logic is correct. Additionally, you will find that the last 1 digit of the bill of lading number cannot contain the three digits 789. For example, 618-67490824 6749082-4/7=964154, this bill of lading number is logical.2. Shipper informationThe shipper needs the company name, address, contact person, and contact phone number USCI. Beijing accepts that the shipper’s name does not match the customs declaration name.3. Consignee informationThe consignee needs the company name, address, contact person, VAT number, etc. If it is incorrect, customs clearance will not be possible, and changes to the consignee need to be provided. Wrong, death is tragic.4. Agent InformationThis is the freight forwarder information5. Departure airport and required routesAviation is usually represented by a three character code, for example, when departing from Beijing, PEK will be written6. Required route/destination/carrier – airline codeThis is very important. The straight point is where to transfer from and fly to. If you make a mistake, you will fly the wrong flight, which is a dead end. There will also be airline codes, such as CA being Air China. If you make a mistake, you will die a tragic death.7. Destination AirportHere, the complete English city code will be written instead of the airport code for easy inspection. If you make a mistake, you will die a tragic death.8. Flight/DateFlight number of the cargo, departure date 9, financial mattersSettlement codes for freight forwarders and airlines10. Shipping informationTransportation information that can be freely selected, usually not filled in11. CurrencyFor those originating from China, CNY will be written, while for those imported from abroad, local currency will be written12. Prepaid/collectPP freight prepaid, CC freight collect13. Declared valueUsually, there is no need to declare, as expensive goods usually require14. Insurance amount – Valuable items only declare priceIf it is declared, especially for imports, do not be fooled. There have been cases where customers did not check the bill of lading, intentionally declared customs at a price lower than the declared price, and engaged in anti smuggling activities15. Handling mattersOperating precautions, such as requiring a temperature of 2-8, will be written on top16. Detailed table of quantity, weight, and freight rate of goodsWe need to check the quantity and weight of the goods here to avoid any errors. The shipping cost will be charged at TACT price17. Total freight costUsually it’s TACT’s shipping cost+fuel+war insurance18. Signature of shipper or its agentSignature of freight forwarding agent company

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