One article provides a detailed explanation of export tax refunds for cross-border e-commerce financial and tax compliance

Export tax rebate, as one of the main compliance methods for cross-border e-commerce finance and taxation, has always been overlooked by many cross-border enterprises. In fact, doing a good job in export tax rebate can not only achieve financial and tax compliance for cross-border enterprises, but also earn additional profits.Why can export tax rebates earn extra profits for cross-border e-commerce enterprises?Export tax rebate mainly requires value-added tax special invoices. For cross-border enterprises, if they reach a certain standard modulus, they can communicate with suppliers and usually charge an additional 8-10 points. If the supplier issues invoices based on 8 points, the 8 points for 1 million yuan will be 1.08 million yuan. However, the actual invoice issued is a 13 point special invoice, and the export tax rebate tax bureau also refunds 13 points, which adds more than 4 points of profit, which is an additional profit earned. Of course, the specific number of points at which a special invoice can be issued depends on the communication between cross-border enterprises and their suppliers. Even if a special invoice is issued based on 13 points, at least there will be no loss. The key is that financial and tax compliance can be achieved, which is very worthwhile for cross-border enterprises to consider.Cross border e-commerceFor cross-border enterprises, the prerequisite for doing export tax refunds is that their business must be authentic. As long as the business is authentic, there is no need to worry about being investigated by the tax bureau. At present, there are many unscrupulous vendors fabricating export business in many markets to obtain tax refunds, which are illegal activities. The country is also focusing on cracking down on tax fraud

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