Fresh sales data from the four major cross-border e-commerce platforms in Vietnam

According to Vietnamese media reports, thanks to the shopping appeal of the 11.11 super promotion, the total transaction volume of the four major e-commerce platforms in Vietnam in November was 1.6 times that of the third quarter. The latest report released by YouNet ECI shows that in November, the GMV of the four largest e-commerce platforms in Vietnam, Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, and TikTok Shop, reached 115.45 trillion Vietnamese dong, with a total of 967.27 million products sold.Among them, Shopee continues to dominate the market share with a monopoly income of 78.3% (equivalent to 90420 billion Vietnamese dong). Among all categories, Shopee ranks first in revenue, far ahead of its competitors. Following closely behind are TikTok Shop with a market share of 11.1% and Lazada with a market share of 9.7%. The GMV value of local e-commerce Tiki’s contribution to the market is less than 1%.TikTok, VietnamTikTok Vietnam has over 12 billion daily video viewsAccording to Vietnamese media reports, Mr. Nguyen Lam Thanh, the representative of TikTok Vietnam, said in the entrepreneur coffee program organized by Ho Chi Minh City Business Association with the theme of “New opportunities for online entertainment shopping channels” that every day TikTok videos in Vietnam are viewed more than 12 billion times, and each person spends 1-2 hours per day browsing TikTok, and spends money to buy 1 to 20 million orders through TikTok Shop.Thanh stated that TikTok has a very crowded ‘market’ because it has millions of users; The live streaming segment has a huge amount of interaction, attracting up to 250 million likes, and over 2 million producers on the platform are preparing to produce and sell content.

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