What are the common shipping companies in international shipping

International express delivery is carried out through sea freight, air freight, railway transportation, or multimodal transportation. Shipping from Jiluo to the United States by sea usually takes more routes such as Meisen MATSON, Yixing ZIM, and Yantian COSCO.Maersk ShippingInternational Shipping CompanyEach shipping company has its own advantages in shipping dedicated lines. Today, I will share with you some of the world’s most famous shipping companies.(1) MSK/Maersk: Maersk Shipping Limited, from Denmark, is a leading global shipping company in terms of business volume“(2) MSC: Mediterranean Shipping Company from Switzerland, with over 600 ships and full capacity“(3) CMA: Dafei Steamship Company, a private company from France with 100% family control“(4) COSCO: China Ocean Transport (Group), established in 1961 as the largest shipping enterprise in China and one of the world’s largest ocean transport companies“(5) HPL: Herbert Container Lines Limited, from Hamburg, Germany, formed by the merger of HAPAG and NDL, is one of the world’s top five container shipping companies“(6) ONE: Ocean Network Shipping (China) Co., Ltd., established in 2017, is a joint venture between three major Japanese shipping companies to establish a new container shipping company(7) EMC: Evergreen Shipping Co., Ltd., from Taiwan, China, China, was established in 1968 to set a precedent for China’s full container fleet“(8) HMM: Modern Merchant Shipping Co., Ltd., from South Korea, the largest shipping company in South Korea and the world’s largest multimodal transportation and shipping company“(9) YML: Yangming Shipping Co., Ltd., from Taiwan, China, China, established in 1972, is one of the youngest companies in the world with an average age of more ships“(10) WHL: Wanhai Air Transport Co., Ltd., from Taiwan, China, China, covers almost the entire Asia Pacific region and is within its business scope“(11) ZIM: Yixing Shipping Co., Ltd., from Israel, one of the world’s largest container shipping companies“(12) PIL: Taiping Shipping Co., Ltd. is from Singapore and one of the largest shipping companies in Asia“(13) SNL: Sinotrans Container Transport Co., Ltd. is a unified operating platform and brand for China Merchants Group’s logistics business(14) OOCL: Dongfang Overseas (International) Co., Ltd. is from Hong Kong, China and is said to have close relations with Taiwan(15) APL: The President’s Ship of the United States, from Singapore, focuses on American shipping routes. Originally a 150 year old American shipping company, it was acquired by NOL (Emperor of the Orient) in 1997, but still uses the APL brand(16) MATSON, American Mason Shipping Company, was founded in 1882 and is the first company in history to provide Pan Pacific container liner services. We have become one of the leading USocean shipping operators in the shipping industry.(17) HMM, Modern Merchant Shipping Co., Ltd., from South Korea, was established on March 25, 1976, abbreviated as “Modern Merchant Shipping”.(18) WHL, Wanhai Air Transport Co., Ltd., from Taiwan, was established on February 24, 1965. It is the largest, most densely populated, and most complete regional airline in Asia.(19) SML, a South Korean merchant ship, was established in January 2017 with its parent company SM GROUP. SML operates a China to the West US route – the China US Express (CPX), with a transportation time of 5 weeks, connecting Ningbo, Shanghai, Busan, and Los Angeles.(20) ESL, United Arab Emirates Shipping Company, comes from Dubai and has a branch in Hong Kong. The main business routes cover markets such as the Middle East, China, Southeast Asia, India, and Africa.

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