U.S. air express line, U.S. express line query

U.S. air express line, U.S. express line query

The United States air transport line is divided into mainland direct to the United States line and Hong Kong direct to the United States line. The mainland’s direct flight to the US special line can only produce general cargo, while Hongkong’s direct flight to the US special line can generate electricity, 3C electronic products, mask cosmetics, adult products and other sensitive goods. Logistics American air transport line provides sellers with diversified logistics options.

American airlift line

As a freight forwarder of American special line logistics makers, the developed American air logistics special line has the advantages of fast timeliness, comparable to the timeliness of express delivery, affordable price, high cost performance, many types of goods can be delivered, and through the whole territory of the United States. It is an international logistics company widely selected by sellers to deliver goods to the United States.

American air transport special line, the first direct air flight to the United States, after customs clearance and import in the United States, it is delivered by USPS or UPS Express. The logistics track is detailed, the timeliness is comparable to commercial express, and the freight is much cheaper than commercial express. Let’s look at the specific channel introduction below.

Direct flight from mainland China to the United States: general goods channel, only general goods are received, and mainland exports directly to the United States. The price advantage of 0-20kg full weight section is obvious.

Forecast online, complete delivery in 12-15 days, and complete delivery in 9-10 days at the fastest. Packages within 2kg, with single side not exceeding 35cm and bubble weight ratio not exceeding 1.5 times, regardless of volume weight.

There are many direct flights from the mainland to the United States, so the price is very advantageous. For light and small goods within 0.5kg, the freight shall be less than 50 yuan. For example, the freight of 50g goods is only 22.6 yuan, that of 100g goods is only 24.9 yuan, and that of 300g goods is only 36.5 yuan.

The freight of 1kg goods is only 79.5 yuan and that of 2kg goods is only 131.9 yuan. The freight is cheaper than small postal parcels, and the price advantage of the whole weight section of 0-20kg is very significant.

Hong Kong direct flights to the United States include: China US special line, China US special line-z, China US special line – colloidal liquid and other channels.

Special line between China and the United States: general goods, built-in electrical products and supporting electrical products can be delivered. Conventional 3C electronic products and 3C small household appliances can be shipped stably. The weight limit is 0-20kg. Hong Kong flies directly to the United States and passes through the whole territory of the United States.

China and America special line -Z: general merchandise, built-in electric, matching electrical products, nail polish, paste cosmetics, mask, adult supplies, etc. While transporting 3C electronics, we can also steadily transport nail polish, paste cosmetics, mask, adult supplies and other sensitive goods.

China US special line colloidal liquid: liquid / gel hand washing liquid, wet napkin (alcoholic), facial mask, eyeliner, toner and so on, specialized liquid sensitive goods channel. The lifting capacity of small package is 0.05kg and the weight limit is 2kg. No remote surcharge, no residential surcharge, bubble free, regardless of volume and weight.

Channel advantage

Fast aging: the fastest is 6 days, and the average aging is 7-13 days.

Package tracking: tracking the whole process, with a proper delivery rate of 99%;

Safety and stability: timeliness and stability, tracking to proper delivery. It can stably send ordinary goods, battery products and other sensitive goods.

Strong customs clearance ability: Double clearing of green commerce, fast customs clearance speed.

American air transport line, logistics provides free door-to-door pick-up services in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Yiwu, and can also door-to-door pick-up services in Dongguan, Huizhou, Foshan and other regions as appropriate.

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