Shenzhen epidemic, Yantian Port affected, price surge hit

At the beginning of 2022, Ningbo and Yongkang in Zhejiang Province were successively affected by the epidemic. Recently, another epidemic broke out in Shenzhen. With the Spring Festival getting closer and closer, cross-border people who eagerly looked forward to the year-end bonus and the New Year holiday yesterday began to worry about whether they can go to work normally and whether they can go home for the new year.

As soon as the epidemic broke out in Shenzhen, half of the cross-border e-commerce circles were fried. You know, the number of cross-border e-commerce enterprises in Guangdong accounts for more than 50% in China, of which Shenzhen cross-border e-commerce enterprises account for more than 70% of Guangdong. Many industries sell well, such as Aoji, tongtuo, Saiwei, Youshu, baoshijia, Zebao, etc. are all in Shenzhen. Bantian is also known as the “key town of cross-border e-commerce”, and many cross-border e-commerce enterprises focus on it.

Due to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, Bantian, Longgang District will enter a sealed state for a period of time. As an important cross-border e-commerce Town, it is expected that the business will be affected in the near future. The first is the logistics problem, which leads to a certain delay in the delivery of goods. The seller needs to arrange the delivery as soon as possible.

epidemic situation

Mason will usher in another round of freight rate rise

Affected by Omicron, the infection rate of wharf workers in the west of the United States has increased sharply. On Tuesday, about 150 dockers in the west American port were tested, of which about 100 were positive, with a positive rate of almost 67%. About 80% of the positive were in Southern California, and the positive diagnosis rate has been rising day by day.

Due to the impact of the epidemic at the US port of destination, CLX + ships could not return in time and CCX was empty. Therefore, the ETD of Mason ship was originally planned to be suspended on 1.19/1.20. That is to say, the Meisen ship sailing from Ningbo and Shanghai on January 19 and January 20 was suspended because there was no ship to arrive, and the next water vessel was sailing on January 26 and January 27.

The suspension of shipping will face more severe challenges to the export shipping schedule, and the whole US Line shipping space will continue to be tight; Market demand and shipping space are still in a serious imbalance between supply and demand. It is expected that this state will further deteriorate due to the arrival of the shipping peak on the eve of the Spring Festival, resulting in another wave of rise in market freight rates.

Logistics helps cross-border e-commerce deliver goods efficiently

Logistics is the first-class express agent of DHL, ups and FedEx. It has many high-quality channels, keeps the lowest price in the market all year round, and has priority channels that do not discharge warehouses in peak seasons. For example, Hong Kong DHL priority, Hong Kong UPS priority, Hong Kong federal priority, etc. give priority to shipment, do not arrange positions in peak seasons, and the timeliness is as stable as ever.

FedEx Express 1-5kg weight segment, DHL express 5-20kg weight segment and UPS express 2-40kg weight segment have the most obvious price advantages.

Taijia Logistics

Logistics UPS Express dealer channel, the price of goods mailed in the weight section of 2-20kg is the cheapest, as low as about 1-40% of the official freight rate. Get online on the day of leaving the warehouse and deliver it in 2-5 days. With fast timeliness, good service and low price, it is the best logistics choice for cross-border e-commerce sellers to deliver goods.

UPS express channels are ups in Hong Kong and UPS in Shenzhen. Hong Kong UPS channels include Hong Kong UPS, Hong Kong UPS priority, Hong Kong UPS bubble free, Hong Kong UPS small goods price, Hong Kong UPS promotion, Hong Kong UPS red list, Hong Kong UPS red list-6000, Hong Kong UPS red list standard, Hong Kong UPS red list-e, ups-z, UPS red list special offer-z, UPS red list promotion-z and other advantageous channels.

Mainland UPS channels include Shenzhen UPS, mainland UPS, mainland UPS general goods preferential and other advantageous channels. Through the world, Europe and the United States have obvious price advantages, and the timeliness is as fast as 2-5 days.

It has a wide range of transportation, and can stably carry general goods, domestic electricity, power distribution goods, electronic products, imitation brand, sight, super power solar panel, adult products, brand goods and other special and sensitive goods.

FedEx Express 1-5kg weight section is the cheapest

FedEx Express is the dealer channel. The goods with a weight of 1-5kg are mailed through European and American countries. The price is the cheapest, as low as about 1-40% of the official freight rate. Among them, FedEx bags, regardless of volume weight, are the cheapest price on the market below 2.5kg. Get online on the day of leaving the warehouse and deliver it in 2-5 days. With fast timeliness, good service and low price, it is the best logistics choice for cross-border e-commerce sellers to deliver goods.

FedEx Express is divided into mainland FedEx Express and Hong Kong FedEx Express. Among them, the mainland FedEx channel has the fastest timeliness, receiving goods on the same day, leaving the warehouse on the same day and surfing the Internet on the same day; Hong Kong FedEx channel can stably mail battery products, electronic products, epidemic prevention supplies, imitation brands, first-line brand goods and other goods.

At the same time, it can meet the global logistics needs of Amazon, express, eBay, Ali international station and other B2C cross-border e-commerce sellers, self built station / independent station sellers and foreign traders using FedEx Express.

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