What is Maritime ISF

The full name of the shipping ISF is: International Shipping Federation, International Shipping Federation. It is a shipowner organization, founded in 1909, it was a European shipowner organization at that time, and it did not become a worldwide shipowner organization until 1919. The International Maritime Federation represents the interests of shipowners on all matters relating to the employment and safety of seafarers and is based in London.

ISF has three main objectives:

(1) Provide and exchange the latest seafarer employment information for members.

(2) According to the employment development of seafarers, put forward and coordinate the opinions of shipowners in various countries.

(3) Represent the interests of members with governments and trade unions in international forums where seafarers’ issues are discussed. The Federation’s work focuses on labor standards, often dealing with trade unions, and its main task is to coordinate and present the employer’s point of view.

The International Maritime Federation also serves as a consultant for the International Maritime Organization, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and the United Nations Economic and Social Council. In the International Maritime Organization, the International Maritime Federation is mainly concerned with crewing and training, and participated in the formulation of the 1978 “International Convention on Standards for Seafarers’ Training, Certification and Watchkeeping”.

International Shipping Federation’s activities also include crew wages, health and coordination with trade unions, crewing and organization. The International Maritime Federation mainly works for the welfare of shipowners, but it cooperates with the International Labor Organization and the International Maritime Organization and actively participates in the formulation of important International Labor Organization conventions and resolutions related to seafarers’ employment conditions, health training and welfare. Development plays an important role.

The International Shipping Federation has 28 member countries, owns more than half of the world’s total tonnage of ships, and has more than 500,000 crew members.

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