Batteries delivered to the United States

When it comes to battery express delivery to the United States, many battery manufacturers will have feelings, such as spontaneous combustion in battery transportation, customs seizure, can not clear customs, customs rejection and so on, the origin of a series of problems, all come from your wrong choice, because you did not choose logistics, because you did not consult logistics, so your battery exports will always encounter problems.

How to let the battery smoothly express export to the United States, which contains a lot of knowledge, how to package the battery export? Which channel does the battery express go? Battery express costs, etc., the following Xiaobian for you to analyze one by one.

Batteries can be shipped to the United States by the following means:

EMS is a parcel international express business started by China Post, which enjoys the priority of postal processing, covering more than 80 countries around the world, and the time limit is about 8-10 working days under normal circumstances.

EMS is generally charged according to the actual weight (if the longest side of the mailed package is more than 60 cm, according to the volume weight, the calculation formula is divided by 8000), each 0.5KG of a billing unit, less than 0.5KG is charged according to 0.5KG (mailed 1.1KG items will be calculated according to 1.5KG, rather than rounding off the sum).

You can send food, medicine, cosmetics and other things that cannot be sent through other channels, and non-commercial parcels rarely incur tariffs.

In addition to EMS there are four international express companies, four international express companies refer to DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT four commercial international express companies, such companies generally timeliness is good, under normal circumstances about 3-5 working days.

Four international express company billing method: take the actual weight and volume weight of the largest billing, volume weight = length * width * height /5000(length unit is cm)

The price of sending 5KG parcel to four international express companies in the United States is: 1185 yuan (take fedex as an example)

The advantages of the four international express delivery companies to the United States: high timeliness, the main business of the four international express delivery companies for goods, in the timeliness is quite guaranteed.

The disadvantages of the four major international express companies to mail to the United States: because the four major international express default for commodity clearance, items mailed to the United States are easy to generate tariffs.

Precautions for mailing batteries:

  1. The battery must be packed independently to prevent short circuit.
  2. Ensure that the shipping equipment is turned off and cannot be started.
  3. Shipping pure batteries, the net weight of a single box can not exceed the limit as follows:

Lithium Ion Battery – 10 kg.

Lithium Metal Battery – 2.5 kg.

Battery express to the United States Packaging requirements:

  1. Lithium battery cells and batteries should be put into the inner packaging that can completely encapsulate the battery cell or battery, and then put into the outer packaging; Measures should be taken to protect battery cells and batteries from short circuits (including from contact with conductive materials in the same package, which may cause short circuits).
  2. Except when installed in the equipment, each package shall be able to withstand a 1.2m drop test of any orientation, without damaging the lithium battery cells or batteries in the package, without changing the position of the contents of the package so that the lithium battery cells or lithium batteries are in contact with each other, and no contents leak out of the package.
  3. Except in the case of installation in the equipment, the battery cell and battery shall be placed in an inner package that can be completely closed, and the actual packaging used shall be the same as that used for the 1.2m drop test;
  4. The equipment shall be fixed in the outer package to avoid movement, and equipped with an effective device to prevent accidental start-up;

(5) Unless the device on which the battery is installed has provided equivalent protection for the battery, the device shall be packed in a sturdy outer package made of suitable materials, the strength and design of which shall be appropriate for the packaging capacity and use;

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