Notice of changes to the 2017 Lithium Battery Air Transport Rules (UN38.3)

Additional requirements: Shipping of PI965-PI970 Section IB and Section II lithium batteries will no longer require shipper’s declaration and additional documentation.For shipments of less than 100 lithium batteries per year (subject to approval by the authorities), the new PI910 packaging guidelines will be applied.PI967 Section II, PI970 Section II specified in IATA 57 Edition, where a package contains not more than 4 cells or 2 batteries, or more than 2 packages in a single air transport, the battery handling mark shall be posted. However, a single cargo in two packages below, can not be affixed to the lithium battery mark, the one-year transition period will end on December 31, 2016.Added to the IATA 58 Edition the PI965 SOC cap of 30% and the freighter transport limit from April 2016.Logistics BABA will, as always, provide you with the latest regulations for the transportation of lithium batteries.

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