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Live goods have become a necessary commodity in daily life, live goods in express also account for a large part, because international express delivery has been more strict control of live products, many international express have listed live products as the focus of control items, which leads to the confusion of foreign trade merchants, then how to export live products to foreign countries? Do you need to pay attention to the export of live products? Is it OK to export products including batteries?In fact, the export of live products is not difficult, including battery products, lithium battery products can be transported, but to meet the airline’s requirements for the transport of dangerous goods, such as only into the warehouse, the number should be less than a certain standard. Any excess capacity must be reported to the airline for approval.The specific provisions are as follows: Lithium batteries in portable electronic equipment such as cameras, laptops and cameras carried by passengers, if installed in the equipment, and the lithium content does not exceed 100wh (watt-hour), can be carried on or delivered; Lithium batteries containing 100wh of lithium, but not more than 160wh, must be approved by the airline to carry. Spare batteries must be individually insulated and can only be carried in hand luggage. Lithium batteries exceeding 160wh are strictly prohibited.Battery products exported by seaDue to the particularity of the battery, not all shipping companies on the market are willing to accept it, and the requirements of different shipping companies for battery documents are inconsistent, and the time for reviewing documents is different. We have long-term and close cooperation with MAERSK, MSC, APL, K-LINE, COSCO, PIL, CMA, NYK, OOCL and other shipping companies, and we will recommend the most suitable shipping company, the most suitable shipping date and the most affordable price for you based on many years of battery shipping experience.Logistics provides battery shipping full container (mainly for lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium battery packs) services, and battery shipping bulk cargo LCL (all types of batteries) services:1, Shenzhen, Guangzhou Customs formal declaration or pay LCL service;2, one-stop Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan and other general warehouse delivery, no need to provide customs clearance documents LCL service. (Fast shipping date, special price, suitable for small goods, imitation brand goods);3, Hong Kong started LCL. (Suitable for FOB HONGKONG, need fast shipping, imitation brand battery goods);The battery can be exported for general trade declaration, and the bill of lading can show the real name.Products including batteries are exported by airWe cooperate with the following airlines: EK, TK, EY, ET, UPS, SQ, AZ, CX, BR, CI, FJ, BA, AF, KQ… Other airlines have close cooperation, according to the advantages of different airlines routes and different conditions of the cargo, you can arrange Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places to take off services, so that the price is fair, safe and fast, the whole process is worry-free, and your goods are sent to the hands of customers. Battery air transport preferred Hong Kong take-off service, safety inspection electricity is easy, more flights, affordable, can do general trade declaration.Battery air transport precautions1, the battery must pass the UN38.3 test requirements, and 1.2 meters of drop packaging test2, the outer packaging must be affixed with the Class 9 dangerous goods label, marked with UN number3, the battery design can ensure that under normal transport conditions to prevent explosion, and equipped with effective measures to prevent external short circuit.4, strong packaging, the battery should be protected to prevent short circuit, in the same package to prevent contact with conductive substances that can cause short circuit5. Additional requirements for the battery to be installed in the equipment for transportation: The equipment should be fixed to prevent movement in the packaging, and the packaging should prevent accidental start during transportation. The outer packaging shall be waterproof, or waterproof by the use of an inner lining (such as a plastic bag), unless the construction features of the equipment itself are already water-resistant.6, the lithium battery should be loaded with pallets to avoid strong vibration during handling, and the vertical and horizontal sides of the pallet should be protected by corner protection.7, lithium battery loading container must be reinforced, reinforcement method and strength should meet the requirements of the importing country (such as: In the United States, there are the Association of American Railroads (ARR), the American Dangerous Goods Association, the North American Explosives Administration (B.O.E), the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the United States Coast Guard, the United States Department of Transportation and the “Dangerous Goods by Sea Code” have relevant provisions), if the shipper is negligent or improper reinforcement, the container will be detained at the port of destination. At the same time, the operation fee, storage fee, container moving fee, re-reinforcement and other high costs are incurred.8, a single package weight is less than 35 kgsIncluding battery products export expressLogistics Baba focus on battery import and export transport services, provide battery transport one-stop service!We can arrange the following express channels: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, HKEMS and special line express, some channels accept delivery in Hong Kong.The following channels can be connected to the battery classification:DHL: Li-ion cells, batteries, battery packs. Currently can go: laptop battery, camera battery, mobile phone battery, etcFEDEX: Lithium-ion cells, batteries, battery packs; Lithium metal battery; Super WH, super weight battery; Imitation brand battery; Dry battery; Mobile power supplyTNT: Lithium-ion cells, batteries, battery packs; Lithium metal battery; Super WH, super weight battery; Imitation brand battery; Dry battery; Mobile power supplyUPS: lithium-ion cell, battery, battery pack; Dry battery; Imitation batteryCan do general trade declarationIncluding: alkaline battery, nickel-metal hydride battery, button battery, model aircraft battery, 18650 battery, mobile phone battery, camera battery, notebook battery, electric vehicle battery, power battery, battery, electric vehicle, mobile power supply, uninterruptible power supply and other supporting battery products.

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