How can batteries be exported? Battery international freight forwarding easily

Battery export customs are more strict, how can the battery export?First, find a reliable battery international freight forwarding companySecond, the packaging is strict, the label is standardized and pasted clearlyBatteries in international transportation, belong to dangerous goods, many airlines will be classified into the battery cargo level of dangerous goods inside, battery cargo air is easy to cause spontaneous combustion, explosion, there are many safety risks.There are two main battery export channels:Air, ExpressBattery international express packaging requirements:1. Lithium-ion batteries. Battery cell: within 2.7W, the inner box does not need to attach the lithium battery operation label, the battery can be packed alone, the outer box does not exceed 2.5KG;2. Lithium-ion cell: 2.7WH-20WH 8 / box, 20WH-100WH 2 / box. The inner box is affixed with a lithium battery operating label. Synthetic outer box less than 10KG/ box;3. Lithium-ion battery: 2.7W-100W 2 / box, the inner box is affixed with the lithium battery operation label, the synthetic outer box is less than 10KG/ box;4. Other types of dry electricity: the battery is separately insulated and packaged. The internal and external boxes do not need to be labeled with battery operation labels, and the single box is controlled under 10KG;5. The packing box should be strong and can pass the 1.2M drop test, and will not damage the battery, will not move the internal objects, and will not let the internal objects exposed;6. There must be model, voltage and capacity on the battery. The weight of a single battery cannot exceed 2.5KG;7. Batteries do not accept bag packaging, the minimum receiving weight is 2KG;8. Small batteries must be isolated with anti-static bags or foam bags or small cardboard boxes, (do not collect with transparent bags) the inner packaging of large batteries must be isolated with foam, the battery with wire must be sealed, the battery core must be packed with plastic boxes layer by layer, and the pole head cannot be exposed. Outer box packaging cartons are thin, soft, round, drum, etc., irregular outer packaging is not accepted, pure battery packaging must be packed in thick cartons.9. Lithium battery operation label size: 105*74MM, the label above the contact phone must be Hong Kong contact phone. The battery operation label must be straight, flat, and cannot be twisted.10. Some channels do not distinguish between cells or batteries above 2.7W, and the packaging is unified into 2 / box. The inner box is affixed with a lithium battery operating label. Synthetic outer box less than 10KG/ box;11. Lithium metal battery packaging requirements according to the lithium ion battery packaging requirements;12. Battery types A container cannot contain more than two types of batteries. General goods and batteries need to be divided into boxes, can not be mixed, can be issued in the same ticket;13. Outer box identification: The outer box of the goods shall not have the identification of dangerous goods (aviation identification 1-9 danger identification);14. Document requirements: waybill, list, invoice with remarks on the battery category (lithium battery, dry battery), type (PI965-PI970), power (current * voltage);15.3 Pure batteries are packed separately, sealed and sealed, and each piece does not exceed 10KG. 4. Goods with batteries need battery documents for export, check the batteries and stick battery labels

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