Morocco Battery Shipping

Morocco’s main ports include: AGADIR (AGADIR), CASABLANCA (CASABLANCA), EL JADIDA (EL JADIDA), ESSAOUIRA and other more than a dozen ports, of which Casablanca is the largest port city in Morocco.Such sensitive goods as batteries have been more troublesome by sea, we not only have to ensure that the battery will not leak during transportation, will not short circuit cause spontaneous combustion and other risks, but also to ensure customs clearance after arriving at the port of destination. In general, ordinary freight forwarding companies do not have the strength to do battery shipping in Morocco, but except for logistics Baba, logistics Baba began to engage in battery shipping as early as ten years ago, battery shipping is naturally easy for logistics Baba.Logistics Morocco Battery Sea Freight Services:1. Specialized in undertaking all kinds of batteries (lead-acid/lithium phosphoric acid/lithium iron phosphate/nickel-hydrogen nickel-cadmium, etc.) by sea FCL, bulk cargo LCL, air express international transportation.2. The company has six years of battery transportation experience, it is not necessary to provide MSDS, UN38.3 and test reports and other non-hazardous information, the bill of lading can be displayed according to the product name you need.3. The Pearl River Delta port can arrange shipment, from door-to-door loading/picking up, to the dock to return the container/bulk cargo into the warehouse to customs clearance and loading.4. The company has long-term cooperation with large, medium and small battery enterprises at home and abroad, including state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises, listed enterprises and private enterprises.5. Responsibility, safety, professionalism, service, timeliness, price, this is our company has always been the purpose of guests.For shipments sent to Morocco, according to local customs policy, all shipments seized by local customs need to be cleared by the recipient at the local customs to pick up the goods. If the recipient fails to handle the customs clearance problem by himself, the destruction and return of the shipment will result in high processing costs related to storage, destruction and return, and all related costs will be charged to the sender.Logistics reminds the relevant sellers that when the goods are sold to Morocco, they should track the logistics in time and inform the customers in advance that they need to clear the customs and pick up the goods at the local customs to avoid disputes.If you are looking for a responsible, safe, professional, reliable freight forwarder, can let you rest assured, worry, trouble, happy freight forwarder, then please give your goods to logistics, logistics can solve any problems in all kinds of battery transportation for you, can help you develop a broad business!The expensive goods to a professional transport battery export freight forwarding company, I believe it can also bring you more order opportunities. Because of the professional transportation team, in order to ensure the safety of the goods and delivery time. Morocco battery Marine line is currently the most professional battery export line in China, you choose us, is to choose a peace of mind.

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