Lead-acid batteries exported by sea

Marine export of lead-acid batteries has always been a feature of logistics business, many friends do not know whether lead-acid batteries can be exported by sea, here Xiaobian will give you science popularization of lead-acid batteries Marine export operation process and materials needed.

Lead-acid battery:

HS CODE: 8507100000, CLASS 8, UN2796

Export customs control conditions: exit goods clearance form

Lead-acid battery shipping export consignors need to provide information:

  1. Shipping power of attorney;

2, entry and exit packaging performance inspection results (copy) and entry and exit dangerous goods transport packaging use appraisal results (original);

3, chemical safety technical specifications (MSDS);

  1. Customs declaration, declaration letter, invoice, contract, commodity inspection letter, packing list, exit goods customs clearance.

Lead-acid battery shipping export operation process and precautions:

I. Inquiry

The shipper is required to provide the packaging chemical safety technical specification (MSDS) to the shipping company for ocean freight.

  1. Booking space

Before booking, please fax the following 3 documents to our company 5 working days in advance:

  1. Shipping power of attorney;

2, exit and entry dangerous goods transport packaging use appraisal result (original) and exit and entry packaging performance inspection result (copy);

3, chemical safety technical specifications (MSDS);

Note 1: Name of goods, chemical formula, carton type, packing of goods and special requirements shall be indicated in the shipping order to facilitate the application of shipping space and the declaration of dangerous goods; Note 2: If transshipment is involved, it is necessary to confirm with the shipping company whether there are restrictions on the transshipment port;

Third, provide maritime declaration information, packing, labeling, supervision of loading photos 3 working days in advance to send the “entry dangerous goods transportation packaging use identification results (original)” and “packing list” to our company.

When packing, the dangerous goods mark (25cm25cm) and UN NO(30cm12cm) should be affixed on all sides of the container.

Photo requirements: 1. One empty box 2. One half cabinet; 3, install one; 4, loading reinforcement one; 5, half close a door; (there is a container number, there are goods)6, close a door; (45 degree Angle, must have a dangerous mark)7, directly behind one

  1. Maritime declaration

The maritime declaration shall be made to the maritime Safety Administration on the basis of the declaration form for the safety application of dangerous goods, the packing Certificate for containerized dangerous goods, the inspection result sheet (copy) of the entry and exit packing performance, the identification result sheet (original) of the use of the transport package for entry and exit dangerous goods, the packing list and the photos, etc.

Note 1 The declaration of safe and sound transport of dangerous goods shall be made in three copies, of which two copies shall be kept and delivered to the carrier by the declarant and one copy shall be kept by the competent authority for checking. 2. Container loading certificate of dangerous goods in two copies, one copy to the maritime Safety administration and one copy to the carrier.

  1. Inspection and customs declaration

3 days in advance to provide export declaration related information: 1, verification; 2. Invoice; 3. Packing list; 4. Customs declaration order; 5. Customs declaration form; 6, contract and other customs declaration.

  1. Maritime Bureau and Customs release containers
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