Shenzhen to Ghana battery shipping

Recently, we received a customer consultation that there is no shipping channel for batteries from Shenzhen to Ghana, and Baba said he could go after detailed understanding of logistics, and now the goods have been handed over to customers in Ghana. Today we will tell you about Shenzhen to Ghana battery shipping.Ghana is a country in west Africa, located in west Africa, the northern coast of the Gulf of Guinea, west of Cote d ‘Ivoire, north of Burkina Faso, east of Togo, south of the Atlantic Ocean, a coastline of about 562 kilometers.Logistics Baba professional agent Shenzhen to Ghana battery shipping, including battery products import and export international shipping, customs clearance, commodity inspection and other one-stop services, For products including dry battery shipping, battery shipping, photovoltaic battery shipping, lithium battery shipping, nickel-metal hydride battery shipping, nickel-cadmium battery shipping, fuel cell shipping, solar battery shipping, rechargeable battery shipping, mobile phone battery shipping, button battery shipping, battery pack accessories shipping, can be arranged (sea FCL, sea LCL, sea, international express, Hong Kong express, etc.) shipping party For you to plan the most suitable for your shipping method, safe, convenient, to save costs for you.Ghana Customs clearance regulations:1. Most imports into Ghana require a specific import license. Only a few commodities can be imported under an Open General licence. The license is valid for 1 year. Goods shipped after the expiration of the license will be treated as illegally imported goods, and similarly, shipments before the license is issued will be subject to penalties.2. Ghana Customs invoice 3 copies. All goods taxed on value or primarily on value shall be subject to a customs invoice completed in English. The customs invoice should be filled out in detail, including: shipping quota, freight, shipping mark, number, quantity and type of package, measurement and weight, insurance details, import license number. If the freight, insurance and other charges are paid by the importer in Ghana, the relevant amounts are not required to be included in the customs invoice. When filling in the rebate, the form of the rebate should be indicated. Customs invoices do not require notarization.3. The number of copies of Ghana commercial invoice is subject to the importer’s requirements. No notarization required. However, the contents of the commercial invoice shall include all the required contents on the customs invoice. If the goods are sold on a cif basis, the fob price and cif individual charges should be indicated. For cotton-wool mixed textiles and rayon mixed textiles, the percentage of each fiber should be indicated on the invoice. If the exporter is an intermediary, a separate “Manufacturer, producer, final processor or holder of the goods” invoice should be provided. If the export intermediary is the holder of the goods, and the customs invoice and commercial invoice indicate the “holder of the goods invoice”, the above invoice may be waived. In this case, it is advisable for the exporter to attach one copy of the customs invoice and one copy of the commercial invoice as follows: “I/we confirm that the goods mentioned in this invoice are in stock.” Faxed signatures will not be accepted.4. Ghana exempted from Certificate of origin. There are exceptions in individual cases.5. Ghana’s export goods are required to provide a clean report of findings. Since May 9, 1972, all goods are subject to quality, quantity and price inspection before shipment. With the exception of goods with a value of less than $5,000 fob and goods for personal and household use and such other goods as Ghana may reasonably decide from time to time. Ghana to pay against inspection certificate. The certificate must be applied for before delivery. Quality and quantity checks are carried out in principle at the manufacturer’s factory.6. In Ghana, only samples that are approved by customs inspectors and have no commercial value are duty-free. Usually only samples that no longer have any value are approved.If you are looking for Shenzhen to Ghana battery sea freight forwarder yes

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