Does the battery export need commodity inspection?

Do you want to know whether the battery export needs commodity inspection? First of all, let’s find out which goods need to be inspected. Goods requiring commodity inspection are generally divided into the following categories:One is the customer needs commodity inspection. In order to ensure that the goods received are consistent with the contract, the customer will ask you to conduct commodity inspection and issue the commodity inspection sheet.Second, China needs legal inspection of goods. Some countries stipulate that goods must be inspected before export.Third, the importing country needs legal inspection of goods. Importing countries may require inspection of certain goods exported from China. The inspection may be carried out either in China or at the place of import.The first and third situation please understand with the customer in advance, if it is the second, to the local commodity inspection bureau with a copy of the business license to prepare a case, you can directly apply for commodity inspection in the commodity inspection Bureau later.There are many kinds of battery classification, some need commodity inspection and some do not need to be further confirmed according to the customs code.Since August 15, 2013, commodity inspection has been cancelled for most commodities, except for industrial products such as hazardous chemicals, fireworks, lighters, toys and baby buggies, food contact products, automobiles and rare earths. Often involved are sanitary products, tires, tissues, cloth, clothing, steel, jewelry, shoes, machine tools, power tools, valves, lamps, cables, wires, insulators, fuses, tractors, bicycles and parts, massage appliances, electric meters, electric motors, transformers, batteries, household electric appliances, water heaters, heaters, speakers, electric fans, diesel engines, refrigerators Water purifier, jack, pencil, rehabilitation equipment, sanitary napkins, diapers and so on.The most important provision in the 2013 adjustment of the “entry-exit Inspection and quarantine agencies to implement inspection and quarantine of inbound and outbound commodities” is to “cancel all types of battery commodity inspection customs clearance.” What does the inspection notice mean? The following will explain for you.The “Commodity Inspection Law” stipulates that the contents of the inspection of import and export commodities include the quality, specifications, quantity, weight, packaging of the commodities and whether they meet the safety and health requirements. The inspection is mainly based on the relevant terms stipulated in the sales contract (including the letter of credit). Commodity inspection customs clearance refers to foreign trade enterprises need commodity inspection, to the commodity inspection Bureau to do commodity inspection customs clearance. In international trade, not all foreign trade enterprises need to do commodity inspection customs clearance, such as international trade mainstream website eBay, eBay platform merchants do not need commodity inspection, but also do not need to do commodity inspection customs clearance. eBay goods are sent in the form of personal express, and buyers can inspect the goods in person after receiving them, which also omits the complicated process for sellers.With the mass use of battery energy industry in people’s livelihood and industry, there are also different degrees of transportation accidents during transportation. Therefore, IATA.IMO organization continues to strengthen the regulations and packaging requirements for batteries in air and sea transportation, in view of the problems encountered in the process of battery sea export, logistics Baba has accumulated rich experience in operation. Our overseas cooperation agent covers more than 200 countries around the world, can provide you with import and export logistics one-stop transportation solutions, including sea FCL, sea bulk cargo LCL, international air freight, international express… You do not need to provide MSDS, non-risk letter of guarantee (freight transportation identification), test report,UN38.3 and other cumbersome battery transportation certificate, sea and air bills of lading, waybills show the real name, convenient for foreign customs clearance.Battery sea can do general trade customs export, can also pay for export, bill of lading can show the real name.What certificates are required for battery shipping? According to different batteries and delivery methods, the contents of the documents provided are also different. Generally MSDS, non-hazardous certificate (Cargo transportation identification),UN.38.3, experimental identification report.Lithium batteries are classified as Class 9 dangerous goods, lead-acid batteries are classified as Class 8 dangerous goods, and there is no mistake in classifying them as dangerous goods. For the customs, as long as the battery is not restricted by the country’s export or import restrictions, the customs has no reason to seize your goods, unless your goods are counterfeit. For airlines and shipping companies, they are carriers, they have the right not to carry your goods, but they do not have the right to seize your goods.

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