Battery international express packaging requirements

With the increase in the demand for international battery transportation, the international packaging requirements for batteries are becoming more and more stringent, so what are the requirements for pure battery packaging for international express? Let’s follow the logistics Baba to see it, and friends with different opinions can also add it!1, all express export batteries need to have battery category, model, voltage and capacity, power can not exceed 100WH. Power calculation method: Capacity AH* voltage V is less than 100WH, dry battery is packaged separately, a piece does not exceed 10KG.2, a battery within 2.7WH does not limit the number of batteries, one can not exceed 2.5KG.3, 2.7WH-20WH battery should be installed in the inner box, an inner box with 8 batteries, a piece can not exceed 10KG.4, 20WH-100WH battery should also be installed in the inner box, an inner box can only hold 2 batteries, a piece can not exceed 10KG.5, pure batteries must be packed in the box within the box, and the internal and external boxes must be affixed with battery labels that meet aviation standards.6, the outer box must be packed in a newer, harder box, and can not be packed with yellow tape.7, the invoice or waybill needs to indicate all the battery model (model no), volt (V) and mah (mah) of the entire shipment, so as to facilitate our documenter colleagues to do battery information.8, the inner box can only hold 2; The inner box should be sealed, and the inner/outer box should not have a sound when shaking; A single battery cannot exceed 10kg.9, the mobile power supply must be packed according to the standard pure battery, the box in the box, the inner box can only hold 2.10, dry battery, lithium battery, lithium metal battery 3 types of batteries can not be mixed, lithium metal battery does not accept the same as the other two batteries.11, the outer box packaging: the outer box packaging must be strong and clean, do not allow packaging bags, document sealing and other flexible packaging, can not cut off the carton ears.12, internal packaging: battery products must be independently insulated packaging, the product is fixed in the independent packaging can not be shaken, and the product needs to indicate the battery voltage, capacity, power, etc. (This information must be attached to the product at the factory, and is not allowed to be affixed to the product in the form of printed paper).13, document requirements: waybill, list, invoice with remarks on the battery category (lithium battery), type (PI965-PI968), power (current * voltage).

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