Will international express delivery also incur additional fees?

Surcharge is a fee set by international courier companies for special situations that arise during transportation, including packaging, transportation, and delivery costs incurred by the airline. Therefore, corresponding surcharges need to be charged to the sender, and the most common surcharge is the fuel surcharge.The most common mode of international express delivery is air freight, and the price of aircraft fuel is unpredictable. Therefore, some fuel surcharges will be charged to the sender, and we usually need to add fuel surcharges when making airplanes. At the same time, the fuel surcharge in international express delivery will also be adjusted according to different situations, and the specific cost can be viewed on the official website of the corresponding international express delivery company.◆In addition to fuel surcharges, there are also remote surcharges, extra long surcharges, overweight surcharges, non stackable pallet surcharges, and safety service fees. Now let’s take a look at these surcharges.Remote Surcharge: Remote Surcharge refers to the service of delivering goods to remote areas, which requires additional fees due to the difficulty of delivery in the area.Extra long surcharge: When the goods to be shipped exceed the length specified by the international courier company, an extra long surcharge will be charged due to the need for packaging and special handling during transportation.Overweight surcharge: If a single item of goods to be mailed exceeds the specified weight, an overweight surcharge will be charged.Non stackable pallet fees: During the heating process of mailing goods, sometimes there may be irregularities in the collection of mailed goods, as well as situations where the goods cannot be stacked due to their shape, nature, packaging, etc., resulting in non stackable pallet fees.Security service fee: Security service fee is charged for express delivery in countries and regions that are frequently in conflict.The above is all the content shared by Baiyun Network in this issue. If you have any international logistics service needs, please consult Baiyun Network’s professional international logistics consultant.

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