The world’s largest 24000 TEU class nuclear powered international shipping container ship is coming in shock!

On December 5th, Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Corporation, officially released the world’s first and largest 24000 TEU class nuclear powered container ship design at the 2023 China International Maritime Technology Academic Conference and Exhibition. This marks a revolutionary achievement for Jiangnan Shipbuilding in the research and development of “near zero emission” ship types, and further expands the company’s container ship series brand.Provided by Jiangnan ShipbuildingAt the release ceremony, DNV Classification Society issued a principle recognition certificate for the ship type to Jiangnan Shipbuilding.It is understood that in order to meet the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction in response to climate change, Jiangnan Shipbuilding actively explores container ship types and power system solutions, utilizes nuclear energy as a clean energy source, adopts the internationally advanced fourth generation reactor type molten salt reactor solution, and proposes the design of a super large nuclear energy containerized container ship to truly achieve “zero emissions” during the operation cycle of this type of ship.◆This ship type has high safety and operates at high temperature and low pressure, avoiding core melting in principle. It has anti diffusion and inherent safety features. This ship type does not require high-pressure vessels and pipelines. Even in the event of a rupture accident, it quickly solidifies at ambient temperature. After the accident, in addition to normal shutdown methods, fuel salt can also be discharged from the reactor, achieving rapid shutdown to prevent accident expansion. The power device of this ship type is arranged in a safe position on the ship, and the power system adopts a double-sided redundant design to fully ensure the safety of the power supply system, and has the function of emergency evacuation from personnel gathering areas.The main dimensions of this ship type are suitable for shipowner operation scenarios, and compared to traditional ship types, the power system layout is more compact, providing more tank spaces; The traditional chimney engine compartment shed has also been abolished, and the first compartment scheme has been adopted. The nuclear power compartment is located at the midship, which not only increases the container space but also improves comfort and safety. The entire ship adopts an all electric scheme, and the propulsion system adopts dual motors, dual shaft propellers, and dual rudders, with high installed power, high sailing speed, and good maneuverability. Its main power source is a supercritical carbon dioxide generator set, and the nuclear power system adopts a compact modular design, with high efficiency and the ability to achieve true “net zero” emissions. Compared to low sulfur oil and various alternative energy solutions, this ship type can achieve shorter captain length, more tank spaces, and improved space and energy utilization efficiency.In addition, the ship also adopts a convenient and fast battery replacement plan, which replaces the batteries every 15 to 20 years without worrying about fluctuations in green fuel prices and refueling issues.

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