Latest trend chart of European sea freight prices (What is the price of international sea freight to Europe)

Last week, the overall performance of China’s export container transportation market was stable, the overall volume of the market declined slightly, and the freight rates of the main ocean routes were mixed.On November 24, the Shanghai export container comprehensive freight index released by the Shanghai Shipping Exchange was 993.21 points, down 0.7% from the previous period.European routes, Shanghai port exports to the European basic port market freight (sea and sea surcharges) is 779 US dollars /TEU, up 10.2% from the previous period.On the Mediterranean route, the market situation is similar to the European route, the spot market booking price has increased slightly. The freight rate was $1,182 /TEU, up 3.1% from the previous period.European sea freight prices latest trend chartUs West and US East freight rates were US $1,627 /FEU and US $2,316 /FEU, respectively, down 4.1% and 1.5% from the previous period.The majority of airlines on the US-West route still adopt the strategy of lowering prices, and the freight rate in the spot market continues to fall; The overall loading rate of the US-East route was better than that of the US-West route, and the price of spot booking fell on some flights.The freight rate for Australia and New Zealand routes was $927 /TEU, down 2.0% from the previous period. Anz cargo volumes were generally stable, with most shifts at full load levels. The market freight rate fell slightly after the continuous rise in the early stage.The South American route was $2,700 per TEU, down 4.0% from the previous period. Market demand remained stable, quantity fluctuated slightly, and spot market booking prices fell.

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