What are the benefits of FBA logistics for Amazon sellers?

Direct spontaneous goods, a wide variety of logistics, Amazon sellers can choose a wide range. For different items, you can choose different logistics channels. In addition, direct spontaneous goods do not need to stock, pressure goods, the seller’s capital requirements are relatively low, and the operation risk is less. Then, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the two Amazon logistics models1. Advantages of Amazon FBA logisticsThere are three main advantages of Amazon FBA logistics, namely, fast logistics time, top product ranking, and logistics after-sales guarantee. The logistics time is fast, because the goods are prepared in advance is the Amazon warehouse, because the Amazon warehouse is close to the customer, usually the customer can arrive within 3 days after the order, the logistics time is faster.Amazon sellerProducts rank high, which is relatively high, compared with sellers who do not use Amazon FBA logistics, products are more high. If the product is more competitive, this factor will not bring much advantage to the seller. Logistics after-sales guarantee, Amazon logistics has a special logistics service, can erase the bad reviews caused by logistics disputes, logistics after-sales problems Amazon is solely responsible for, sellers can focus on product sales.2. Advantages of Amazon’s spontaneous flow of goodsThe advantages of Amazon’s spontaneous flow of goods are in two aspects. One aspect is that sellers can better control costs, including cargo pressure costs and logistics costs, to avoid losses caused by the adjustment of Amazon’s policies. On the other hand, spontaneous goods have more control, and sellers can decide on their own return and exchange processing and control product inventory.1. Shortcomings of Amazon FBA logisticsThe shortcomings of Amazon FBA logistics, the first is the cost problem. Although the use of Amazon FBA logistics can bring a lot of convenience, the cost problem is also an important factor that sellers can not ignore. FBA warehouse will have a variety of expenses, such as operation fees, warehouse rental, logistics fees, etc., which will significantly increase the cost of sellers. In addition, the control ability is weak, the buyer wants to return the goods can be returned directly without communicating with the seller or FBA, and the returned goods can not be sold again.2. Disadvantages of Amazon’s spontaneous flow of goodsThe disadvantages of Amazon’s spontaneous flow of goods are mainly poor logistics timeliness. Compared with imagination, Amazon FBA logistics arrives within 3 days, and spontaneous goods flow 5-10 days, or even 7-15 days, if we are consumers, what kind of logistics solution do we prefer? Poor logistics timeliness will affect consumers’ shopping experience and bring certain resistance to the transformation of products.In addition, Amazon spontaneous cargo flow is ranked behind Amazon FBA logistics, so it is basically impossible to obtain a natural ranking. Amazon sellers can only open an account to do Amazon advertising, to expose products, get traffic and sales, and are relatively passive

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