International logistics transport live products need to pay attention to what problems?

1, understand the product characteristics, product classification mailElectronic accessories include more types of products, we can be divided according to whether the product with batteries, for ordinary electronic accessories without batteries without electricity, we can divide such products into general goods for mailing. Independent packaging and transportation of electronic accessories with batteries, for which you can choose a logistics channel that can mail products with batteries.International express2. Select the corresponding logistics channels according to the product characteristicsIn the previous step, we have divided the products into electronic accessories with batteries and electronic accessories without batteries. Therefore, we can choose the corresponding logistics channels. Electronic accessories with batteries can choose international special lines, postal parcels, international express and other logistics channels; Electronic accessories without electricity are general products, and there are more logistics channels to choose from.3, standardized packaging of electronic accessories productsElectronic accessories with batteries need to be packaged in strict accordance with the requirements, because battery products have flammable and explosive properties, prone to accidents in the process of mailing. Therefore, in order to prevent accidents during transportation, it is necessary to standardize the packaging of products. Then the packaging requirements for electronic accessories that do not contain batteries are relatively low.

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