How much is the price of one kilogram of international air freight

Recently, many friends have asked Xiaobian what the cost of international air freight is, how much is the cost of sending a kilo, so today Xiaobian shared with friends that the international express air freight price is the time limit, don’t know friends come to understand it.International air transport is air transport, that is, air transport, faster than shipping and slower than express delivery.How much is the international air freight per kilogram1, the cost of transportation is composed of several parts, the cost of shipping, the cost of transportation and the cost of destination.2. The shipping cost includes: the cost of the goods, the operation fee, the customs declaration fee and the inspection fee.3. Transportation costs include: from the place of take-off to the place of landing and fuel surcharges.4. Destination fees include: customs clearance fee, inspection fee, storage fee, operation fee and delivery fee. The total cost of 1kg is about 230 yuan.5, the statute of limitations in which countries, such as the United States, the statute of limitations is about 3-7 working days, or very fast.6, air transport is generally take double customs clearance channels, if you are looking for this one is not so you can change one.7, the comparison of shipping is in the time is a good advantage, but the price will be higher than the shipping, the comparison of express has a price advantage without the advantage of time.

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