How long does it take to get to Poland Air Line?

The departure airport is Hong Kong International Airport, China, and the destination airports are: Krakof, Warsaw, Katowice, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan, and Sze New Airport. There are 8 cargo airports in Poland.

The price of air freight from China to Poland is charged according to each kilogram of the weight of the goods, and the freight is different with different weights. The minimum air weight of a shipment is 45 kg, and some airports have a minimum weight of 100 kg, and there is no service for goods less than 100 kg. A shipment can be several cartons, several pallets and other different packaging sizes.

International air transportation

For goods under 100kg that cannot be serviced by air, international express delivery from China to Poland is an option.

The price of 1500 KG of general goods from Hong Kong to Krakof by air is RMB 20 kg, and to Warsaw by air is RMB21/KG; Air freight to Katowice Airport is RMB20.5/KG, air freight to Wroclaw Airport is RMB23.5/KG. The departure airport is Hong Kong Airport, but the goods can be delivered to Guangzhou warehouse, Shenzhen warehouse or other cities in the Pearl River Delta of China to Hong Kong cargo transit warehouse. Among the air freight prices from China to Poland, the price taking off from Hong Kong airport is 3 yuan per kilogram higher than the air freight taking off from Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

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