What are the requirements and procedures for fruit import

It is necessary to confirm the qualification of foreign suppliers before fruit import1, you need to determine whether the type of fruit you import is on the country’s access white list2, confirm that the supplier has no record in China, this is a prerequisite for all food imports, if not, you can not importps: Factory means pre-packagedFruit importSecond, the process of fruit import1. After the goods arrive at the port, they need to change the order, and after the change of the order, they will start to apply for inspection with the prepared information. If the pre-packaged fruit is inspected, the Chinese label will be reviewed and the label will be filed2, after the inspection passed, it began to declare, the customs declaration work is the customs staff to review the bill, as well as the price, which also need to check the box, to see whether the goods meet the customs declaration above, after the inspection can enter the next procedure3, after the inspection, there is no problem with the goods will be transported to the warehouse, waiting for commodity inspection, commodity inspection staff will open the next box sampling sent to the test, after the test passed, will start to attach the qualified Chinese label, after the customs audit label can be released4, after the release of the arrangement of logistics to the destination, and at this time is no way to sell, to such as commodity inspection sampling results out, issued a health certificate or entry animal and plant inspection and quarantine certificate, get this certificate can be sold to the market. Fruit and food imports were then completedThird, fruit import precautions1, attention, when the fruit is imported, we must pay attention to the link to be smooth, otherwise there is a problem in the middle to delay the aging, then the consequences are unimaginable fruit should come from the designated origin, orchard and packaging factory2. Handle exporting country/regional officer. Plant quarantine certificate. Note: If the container is shipped, the container number should be reflected on the certificate; The consignee on the certificate should be the same as the consignee on the “Entry Animal and Plant Quarantine Permit” and the one who signed the trade contract; If the bilateral agreement requires a special declaration to be reflected on the certificate, such declaration shall be made3, the variety of fruit should be consistent with the content of the license, the number shall not exceed the permitted number, shall not include unapproved fruit types4, the fruit should be free of soil, branches, leaves and China’s concern about diseases, insects, weeds and other dangerous pests fruit varieties should be consistent with the content of the license, the number should not exceed the permitted number, shall not include unapproved fruit types5. The content of toxic and harmful substances such as pesticide residues and heavy metals in fruits should conform to Chinese national standards6, fruit packaging boxes should be marked or marked to indicate the name of the fruit, origin, packaging factory name or code

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