How to clear customs for international shipping?

  1. What is customs clearance

Customs clearance, also called customs clearance, customs clearance; Refers to the import, export or transhipment of goods entering and leaving the customs of a country, in accordance with the laws and regulations should be performed procedures. Customs clearance only after fulfilling the obligations, customs declaration, inspection, taxation, release and other procedures, the goods can be released, the owner or the declarant can take delivery of the goods.

2, when is the customs clearance

Any country’s goods into another country, must be in accordance with the provisions of customs clearance procedures, all items must go through the international logistics clearance.

  1. What information is needed for customs clearance

B/L Invoice Packing list Contract Certificate of Origin Packing Statement

  1. Who will clear the customs

When the consignor delivers the goods, it can be responsible for the customs clearance of the goods, it can also entrust the freight forwarder to be responsible for customs clearance, or the consignee is responsible for customs clearance, similar to the import and export agent assistance, the customs clearance is responsible for the freight forwarder, according to the requirements of the freight forwarder to provide the corresponding information, the freight forwarder will be responsible for the customs clearance of the goods, the goods arrive at the destination country, The recipient goes to the customs to clear the goods.

International shipping

  1. Payment of customs clearance fees

Exchange fee Invoice Fee Shipping document Fee Customs fee payment fee Other fees (each charge varies)

  1. Clear your mind

Goods shall be declared in accordance with their customs policies and requirements, including the name of the item, quantity, weight, declared value of the item and the certification documents corresponding to the special item.

To be familiar with the customs policy of the destination country, some countries have some special policies, such as European and American member states need to declare ENS, and some countries need to do fumigation and disinfection of wooden packaging, need to do the certificate of origin.

  1. How long is the customs clearance time

The customs clearance process takes different time depending on the way the goods are imported

Normal exchange: 0.5 days

Customs declaration time: 4 hours

Pick-up + delivery: within 1 day

  1. Reasons for customs clearance delay

1, the goods themselves: all countries in the world have their prohibited entry of goods; Understand general item restrictions to avoid customs impoundment.

2, agent or owner reasons: the complete information of the goods is not standardized and incomplete, or logistics transportation mode selection factors.

3, customs reasons: Customs random inspection of goods routine inspection.

4, other reasons: such as natural disasters.

9, the goods are detained solution

First understand the specific reasons for the goods being withheld, if the material preparation is not complete, customs declaration is less, you can make up the material and make up the tax as required; In the case of imitation and other prohibited import items, you can only choose to abandon the goods and destroy them.

  1. Change the order, go to the freight forwarder or the shipping company to change the D/O

Electronic declaration

Computer pre-record, check the documents, send, contact with the customs release

Quarantine application

After the electronic declaration is released, the customs declaration form shall be used for quotation procedures, and the customs clearance form or three inspection seals shall be issued.

Hand in receipt on site


The Customs will give inspection according to the supervision conditions of the goods declared name and the probability of inspection on the same day. If there is inspection, the inspection notice will be issued.

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