What is the fba logistics fee?

Many sellers who do Amazon will use FBA logistics, because the advantages of FBA logistics are still obvious, but when using it, it is not clear how much Amazon FBA charges, so here, Purple Bird browser Xiaobian will give you a share!

What is Amazon FBA?

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, the fulfillment service provided by Amazon. That is, Amazon Logistics provides storage, sorting, packaging, assembly, delivery, return one-stop service logistics model.

fba logistics fee standard

How much does Amazon FBA charge? What are the costs included?

  1. First transportation fee

The head transport cost is mainly the cost of goods transported from the country to the United States, the United Kingdom and other places, and generally choose the two special lines of transport by air and sea. Among them, the cost of sea transportation is cheaper.

The cost of air transportation is generally calculated according to the actual weight and volume weight, of which the volume weight calculation formula:

Volume weight (KG)= cargo volume (CBM)/ 0, 006

Volume weight (KG)= length (CM)X width (CM)X height (CM)/ 6000

For Marine special lines, the charging formula is: freight = freight rate × freight ton = basic freight rate ×(1+ surcharge sum)× freight volume.

The rates are usually different for different flights. The cost of the first journey is different depending on the method, carrier and destination.

  1. Storage fee FBA

Storage fees are generally divided into basic storage fees and long-term storage fees.

The basic storage fee refers to products stored for no more than 180 days, and the fee varies according to the low and high season fees. In the low season from January to September, the fee is 24 US dollars/month/cubic meter, and in the high season from October to December, it is 84 US dollars/month/cubic meter.

Long-term storage fee refers to the charge of storage for more than 180 days, the charge is 122 US dollars/month/m3 for 180 to 365 days, and the charge is 244 US dollars/month/m3 for more than 365 days.

There may also be some service fees and management fees, as well as packaging fees for products, which are subject to FBA warehouse charges. Of course, you can also choose a third-party overseas warehouse, the cost is cheaper than FBA, and the services provided are more; Also provide FBA transfer mode, save a certain cost.

3, the final delivery fee

The delivery fee for Amazon FBA is charged per piece and depends on the size and weight of the item. If the third-party overseas warehouse is used, it is mainly based on the actual weight and volume of the product to charge, and the charging standards of different logistics companies are not the same.

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