How to query and track international logistics

International express is a convenient logistics service that helps people to quickly and safely transport packages from one country or region to another. In the process of delivery, in order to timely understand the status and location of the package, we can track the logistics information of the package through the way of inquiry and tracking. The following will introduce the method of international express inquiry tracking in detail.

  1. Query method

At present, the inquiry tracking of international express delivery is mainly carried out through the official website or mobile application of the Courier company. In the website or application, we need to provide the tracking number or tracking code of the package, which is a unique identifier that can be used to identify and track the package. Tracking numbers are usually composed of numbers and letters, and different Courier companies have different naming methods.

How to inquire international logistics

  1. Query the procedure

Typically, the steps of a query trace are as follows:

(1) Open the Courier company’s official website or mobile app.

(2) Enter the tracking number or tracking code of the package in the query box.

(3) Click “Query” or the corresponding button.

(4) The system will automatically retrieve the relevant information of the tracking number and display it on the page.

(5) We can timely understand the current status of the package, location, estimated time of delivery and other information.

  1. Interpret the query result

The query results contain our interpretation of the package status and other relevant information.

(1) Package status: The query result will display the current status of the package, such as “received”, “in transit”, “destination country” and so on. The status name and description may vary depending on the Courier company, but it usually indicates the stage the package is in.

(2) Location information: The query result may show the country, city or specific location of the package, through which we can understand the journey and location track of the package.

(3) Expected delivery time: The expected delivery time of the package is usually estimated in the query results, which is only a rough time range, the specific delivery time will be affected by various factors, such as international transportation conditions, customs clearance time, etc.

  1. Advantages of query tracking

Through query and tracking, we can get real-time logistics information, which has the following advantages:

(1) Timeliness: we can understand the status of the package in time to avoid unnecessary worry and anxiety.

(2) Security: By tracking the package, we can ensure the safety of the package during transportation and take timely measures to solve problems.

(3) Convenience: the query tracking can be carried out through the Internet, which is not limited by time and space, so that we can query anytime and anywhere.

By tracking international express delivery, we can know the status and location of the package in time to ensure the safe delivery of goods. Choosing a reliable, efficient international express company and the right inquiry method will provide us with a better logistics experience and service quality.

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