How to operate international air freight?

International air freight shipment operation:The production of the warehouse receipt for goods is carried out after the logistics salesperson completes the allocation of cargo space. The salesperson prepares the warehouse receipt in the system and hands it over to the export warehouse to complete subsequent shipping operations. The information contained in the warehouse release note includes the date of the release note, the date of the carrying flight, the form and quantity of loaded container boards, the sequence number of goods entering the warehouse, the main waybill number, number of pieces, weight, volume, destination code, and remarks.In addition to preparing the goods themselves, it is also necessary to prepare the pallets for loading the goods for shipment. The pallets are managed by the relevant departments of the airline, and the logistics salesperson applies to the relevant departments to collect the corresponding containers and pallets.International Air DispatchFor the location of packing and palletizing, bulk commodities can be loaded at logistics companies or cross-border e-commerce warehouses, or loaded and palletized at designated locations by airlines. If conditions permit, the airline will send trucks to the merchant’s warehouse to pick up the goods that need to be transported and transport them to the customs supervised warehouse.The logistics company will hand over the air waybill stamped with the customs clearance seal to each airline. After confirming the accuracy of various information on the air waybill, the airline will complete the signing operation. At this point, cross-border logistics companies can hand over air waybills and goods to airlines for transportation arrangements

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