What is bonded logistics in international logistics transportation?

Bonded logistics in geography refers to logistics within the borders of a country (region), which, in terms of movement, belong to the domestic but also have “domestic and international” characteristics.(2) Expansion of logistics elementsThe elements of logistics generally include transportation, warehousing, information services, distribution, etc., while bonded logistics not only has these functional logistics elements, but also includes key elements such as customs supervision, ports, bonded, customs declaration, and tax refund.International logistics(3) Linear managementThe basic customs clearance procedures for general trade goods include declaration, inspection, taxation, release, and other links, which are managed in a point by point manner; Bonded goods are the entire process from entry, storage or processing to re transportation and export. The entry of goods is the starting point, and the verification and closure of cases is the focus. It is a linear management process.(4) Efficiency bottleneckThe physical operation under customs supervision is the essence of bonded logistics that distinguishes it from other logistics. Strict procedures, complex procedures, and high sampling rates are essential for customs to achieve regulatory effectiveness, but this goes against the requirements of modern logistics for convenient, efficient, and low-cost operations. There is a paradox between logistics efficiency and customs supervision efficiency. With the increasing demand for bonded goods, the efficiency of customs supervision has become a bottleneck in improving the efficiency of bonded logistics systems.(5) PlatformismBonded logistics is the end point of supply logistics and sales logistics for processing and trade enterprises, and even production logistics may be involved. The operational efficiency of bonded logistics is directly related to the normal production of enterprises and the normal operation of the supply chain. Building a smooth and efficient bonded logistics system is the result of efficient collaboration among customs, logistics enterprises, ports, and other stakeholders. A sound policy system and an integrated comprehensive logistics service platform are essential. A logistics center that integrates commodity flow, information flow, and capital flow is one of the main models of bonded logistics.

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