What are the destination port fees and departure port fees included?

Foreign trade sea freight (divided into LCL and FCL) often involves destination port fees and departure port fees. There are some differences in the charging items of different ports in different countries, roughly as follows:Destination port feesDestination port fees1. Customs clearance fee C/C CHARGE2. DELIVERY CHARGE3. HANDLING CHARGE4. Terminal operation fee THC5. Port miscellaneous fees: import inspection, port security, container pick-up fees, container pollution fees, etcPort of departure fees1. Sea freight (to be borne by the shipper or consignee according to trade terms)2. Trailer fees3. Customs declaration fee4. Terminal operation fee THC5. Document fees, booking fees, and miscellaneous expenses (less)6. Delivery fee (transportation fee for the factory to find a vehicle to deliver to the designated warehouse)

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