Which is more cost-effective, ocean freight forwarder or ocean freight forwarder?

Shipping agency companies, ship agency companies, and overseas shipping agency companies are all so-called “shipping agents”. “Shipping agent” serves the shipping company and can be simply understood as “the agent of the shipping company”, while “freight forwarder” is “the agent of the cargo owner”. The objects served by “shipping agent” and “freight forwarder” are different.Shipping agentThe ship agency industry is a service-oriented industry.The English name for a shipping agent is Shipping Agency, such as:China Marine Shipping Agency Co., LtdChina Ocean Shipping AgencyShanghai United Int’l Ocean Shipping Agency LtdChina Association of Shipping Agencies&Non Vessel Operating Common Carriers, abbreviated as CASA.According to the customary practices of the international shipping industry, the main business scope of “shipping agents” includes:1. Ship entry and departure businessFor example, handling customs and related port joint inspection procedures, dispatching tugboats for piloting, berthing, inspection and maintenance, cleaning or cleaning of ship cabins, fumigation and disinfection, handling maritime rescue, maritime handling, and handover procedures of ships in port.2. Freight related businessSuch as arranging the loading and unloading of containers or other goods, tallying, transshipment, storage and transportation, assisting in claims settlement, issuing bills of lading, collecting fees, and paying fees on behalf of the shipping company, signing demurrage and dispatch agreements with the port party and calculating fees on behalf of the shipping company, chartering and booking shipping space for the freight forwarder, and related work.3. Marine materials and supplies supply businessFor example, handling fuel supply for ships, providing fresh water, materials and food needed by ships and crew, as well as purchasing and sending ship spare parts and other materials for shipping companies.4. Other service-oriented businessesFor example, handling entry and exit procedures for crew members, crew member exchange, repatriation, medical treatment, sightseeing, family visits, letter transmission, and other matters entrusted by the shipping company.There is a significant difference between “shipping agent” and “freight forwarder”:1. The shipping agent mainly serves the shipping company and serves as a bridge between the shipping company (carrier) and the port; Freight forwarders mainly serve shippers and serve as the link between shippers and carriers.2. In addition to mainly engaged in ship agency related business, shipping agents can also undertake goods and issue bills of lading, which overlaps with freight forwarders. Therefore, when shipping agents undertake goods, they have advantages in terms of freight rates, shipping schedules, and signing documents compared to ordinary freight forwarders. After all, shipping agents can rely on the support of the shipping company they represent, and have the advantage of being close to the water and receiving the bill of lading first!3. The shipping agent feels quite tall and has a high entry threshold; The freight forwarder feels that it is relatively low and the entry threshold is very low.4. There are not many shipping agents (compared to freight forwarders); There are countless freight forwarders.5. Shipping agents are generally less in contact with people, as they mainly deal with shipping companies and ports; Freight forwarders have more contact with ordinary people because they mainly deal with shippers and carriers.

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