What are the five major ports of the China Europe freight train?

The China Europe Train refers to the container and other international railway intermodal trains that run according to the fixed train number, route, schedule and the whole journey time, and travel between China and Europe and countries along the “the Belt and Road”. In recent years, with the promotion of the “the Belt and Road” initiative, China Europe Express has given full play to its comparative advantages in terms of timeliness, price, transport capacity, security, etc., and has gradually been accepted by customers in China and Europe. It has become the third logistics mode between China and Europe, except for sea transportation and air transportation. The number and quality of its operations have continued to improve steadily, reaching more than 20 countries and more than 200 cities in Europe. The “iron and steel caravans” are becoming an important bridge for policy communication, facilities connectivity, smooth trade, financial integration, and people to people connectivity between China and countries related to the “the Belt and Road”.China Europe freight trainChina Europe Train refers to the freight train transportation service that starts from Chinese Mainland and connects to all parts of Europe through railway transportation. It is an important logistics channel between China and Europe, achieving fast and reliable cargo transportation between China and Europe through land transportation. This train route usually covers a wide range of regions, including different provinces in China and multiple countries in Europe, such as Germany, Poland, France, the Netherlands, etc. The China Europe freight train provides a convenient and efficient channel for trade and cooperation, shortens the transportation time of goods, and strengthens commercial connections between China and Europe. At the same time, it is also part of the “the Belt and Road Initiative”, which aims to promote trade cooperation and connectivity between China and EuropeThe five major ports of the China Europe freight train today(1) Alataw Pass (2) Khorgos(3) Erenhot (4) Manzhouli(5) Suifenhe West Middle East Three China Europe Railway Transport ChannelsGeneral railway processThe China Europe freight train is an important international railway transportation service connecting China and Europe, and its operation process generally includes the following steps:1. Customers place orders:Customers place orders with logistics or railway companies, providing information on goods and transportation needs.2. Booking parking spaces:Logistics companies or railway companies reserve parking spaces and arrange cargo loading from the China Europe freight train operators based on customer needs.3. Cargo loading:Logistics companies or railway companies arrange for the loading of goods, carry out cargo calculation, acceptance, and loading operations.During transportation:During the transportation of goods, the railway company tracks and monitors the goods and provides timely information on the status of the goods to customers.5. Border clearance:When the goods arrive at the border, customs clearance procedures need to be carried out. Before unloading, it is necessary to carry out border inspection, customs approval, and other procedures on the goods.6. Border Reproduction:The goods are transferred to trains in European countries at the border to ensure that they can reach their destination.7. Destination clearance:After the goods arrive at the destination, they need to go through customs clearance procedures at the destination, including unloading, inspection, and payment of taxes.8. Delivery to customer:Logistics companies or railway companies deliver goods to the customer’s designated location.The advantages of China Europe freight trainsTransportation time:Between air and sea transportation, it is a supplement to the traditional sea and air transportation market. Currently, there is a German express line, which takes 11 days from Xi’an to Germany, and the normal operating time is about 15-18 days. Undoubtedly, the time advantage is the fundamental reason for the existence of the China Europe Railway.Capacity advantage:Compared to air transportation, in the past, air transportation was the only option for goods with delivery deadlines or high added value, but the volume of air transportation was limited and the price was high. The railway has just added this point, with stable schedules, container transportation, and suitability for centralized transportation of bulk goods.Price advantage:It is also between air and sea transportation, sometimes even lower than sea transportation. LCL goods occasionally have special prices for small items, which can be charged according to the express delivery price.Wide distribution of similarities:Traditional sea freight consolidation points are concentrated in ports, but railway consolidation points are distributed in inland cities in China and Europe.Shift density:There are many available schedules, and some domestic departure stations have almost daily schedules.

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